Effortless Approach to Export Contacts From Android to Gmail CSV Format

Should you possess numerous Android devices or have plans to get a new smartphone shortly, you will discover that any Android device linked to your Google account will display all of your Google contacts.


However, what about the contacts that are in the local storage of your phone and are quarantined? Since they are not kept in Google’s cloud, you cannot utilize them on other devices. How then might one resolve that puzzle? We’ll walk you through the quick and easy process of exporting Android contacts to Gmail CSV format.

One of the greatest ways to answer the question of how to export Android contacts to Gmail is what this post will give you. The following approach is broken down into three steps: Exporting your chosen contacts into Google Contacts is the last step, followed by saving your contacts in the.vcf format and converting VCF files into PST files.

How Do I Export My Android Contacts in CSV Format to Gmail?

As previously said, there are three elements to this method, and each step is briefly described below. To ensure a simple and speedy conversion, carefully read them. To export your Android smartphone contacts, follow these steps:

  • Move Android Contacts To A VCF File Format
  • Navigate to the Contacts section on your Android mobile phone.
  • The Overflow Menu (3 horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the program) can be tapped.
  • From the sidebar menu, select Settings.
  • Select Export Option after that.
  • After naming the file, select Save to VCF.

How can I convert a VCF file from Android into a CSV file for Gmail?

You must convert a few VCF files into CSV format after moving the contacts into VCF format. While there isn’t a way to Export Contacts from Android to Gmail CSV Format, don’t worry—we have one of the greatest WholeClear vCard to CSV Converter program here.

A simple way to export Android contacts to Gmail format is offered by this program. Create a Google CSV file with every Android contact characteristic. You are able to add attributes like a nickname, email address, and name.

How to Export a VCF File from Android into a CSV File for Gmail

To convert a VCF (vCard) file to CSV format, follow these steps:

  • Install the free vCard to CSV Converter software.
select vcf file

  • Folder & File Mode allows you to see a VCF (vCard) file.
  • Next, examine a comprehensive list of VCF contacts.
browse location

  • Go to Export Options and choose Google CSV Format.
convert vcf to csv

What is the Process for Importing the Android CSV file into Google Contacts?

Once both stages have been attempted, import the CSV file into Gmail contacts by following the detailed procedure listed below:

  • Open Google Contacts and log in first.
  • Then choose the Import Contacts menu item.
  • To upload, choose the Android CSV file that results.
  • To preview Android contacts in Gmail, choose the Import option at the end.

In Summary

The best approach for exporting Android contacts to Gmail in CSV format is covered in this post. To convert Android vCard files to the Gmail CSV format, carefully follow the instructions and select the appropriate option.

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