Author's Manual for Writing Articles

1. The Roadmap to Make your Article Approved

Please ensure that your article meets with the guidelines given below:

  • Your article heading should be in question form or it should be in how to form, what is, Top 10 etc.
  • The article must be around 500-2000 words.
  • The checkpoint list mentioned beneath to be supervened.
  • Please provide reference site links in the below of the article to make the writeup authentic.
  • The writeup shouldn't be previously posted online.
  • The content to be fresh and free from plagiarism. Try to write it in your own style.
  • The videos or images must be provided in line with the subject of your piece of writing.
  • The article to be framed as per Google policy, also it should not consist of any adverse words in it.
  • All details provided in the writeup to be the correct one and that must not be deceptive.
  • When your writing language is in English then it must be at the level of a English native speaker.

2. Intriguing Content

The articles to be written on the current trending one and that topic must be fascinating to others.

3. Try to Keep the Content More Acquainted and Legitimate

Try to keep the writeup in simple and easy to understand language. Also, it should be beneficial. The articles must be around 500 to 2000 words length. The content to be informative to the readers.

4. Thresholds for Articles

  • The title of the article to be catchy one and the summary of it to be of exceptional.
  • Try to include an image description for the images you added in the article.
  • Include appropriate H2,H3 tags on the article.
  • The article must be well written with paragraphs and subheadings along with proper spacing. Each of the paragraph lengths should be in 3-5 lines.
  • Include appropriate external links and internal links in the article.
  • Check for plagiarism of the content and ensure that it's distinctive.

5. Add Proper sources

The article to be written with appropriate external links that pertain to your article topic. Try to include website links that are reputable ones such as Wikipedia, Buzzfeed, Salin,, Medium, Ranger, Times of India, NDTV, CNN, India Today, Reddit, Vox, Metro, Hub pages, Snopes, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Make sure your article is completely unique.

6. Rectify the Article Prior the Submission

When more editing is there in the article they were rejected. So keep reading the writeup well and then do submit the article for review.

Important Note

Once your article is published, you should share them on social media. You may post them in several social media accounts. I hope the provided guidelines will be useful to everyone. Keep following them when you produce articles and make them reach on social media.



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