Fantasy App List In India: The Best 15 Real-Money Apps!

In today’s digital world, earning extra income through smartphone apps has become very common. Whether through games, surveys, or real-money investments, there’s a custom app for all user needs.
The Indian fantasy sports market is poised for substantial growth, expected to achieve a compound annual growth rate(CAGR) of 20.88% from FY2-024 to FY 2031. Starting with USD 751 million in FY 2023, the real-money gambling sector is aiming to reach USD 3.54 billion by FY 2024.

Revenue Generation Model For Real Money Apps

Fantasy game apps in India use various models to generate revenue to sustain operations and incentivise users such as advertising (via clicks and impressions), partnerships and collaborations (for referral bonuses), subscription fees (for premium features), transaction charges (on purchases/withdrawals), data monetization (selling anonymized user data), and affiliate marketing (earning commissions from third-party referrals). These strategies ensure sustained operations and user engagement.

What are the top 15 real money-earning apps?

Take a look at these top 15 fantasy sports real-money-earning apps of 2024:
  1. Real11: It’s a user-friendly platform for virtual teams and cash rewards. It offers simple registration and withdrawals.
  2. BalleBaaz: This top fantasy cricket platform offers lucrative rewards and a user-friendly interface.
  3. Howzat: It provides exciting fantasy games of all popular sports. The app consists of easy registrations, real-time updates, and easy withdrawals.
  4. MyTeam11: It provides effortless entry into fantasy sports with cricket, baseball, football, and more. Attractive rewards and seamless withdrawals.
  5. Vision11: It ensures smooth withdrawals via bank transfers, Paytm cash, or digital wallets. Diverse sports options and a lag-free interface.
  6. HalaPlay: Diverse contest options with simple registration and bonuses. You can get a minimum withdrawal threshold and multiple payment options.
  7. My11 Circle: Teams for cricket, football, kabaddi, and basketball. Generous sign-up bonuses and widespread popularity.
  8. Paytm First Games: you will get a wide selection of games with a user-friendly interface. It also includes high referral rewards and less withdrawal threshold.
  9. Gamezy: Multi-language support with diverse games. It includes various contests and bonuses.
  10. BatBall11: This app focuses on cricket with various contest styles and withdrawal methods.
  11. Playerzpot: This platform covers cricket, basketball, and more sports with engaging contests and a large user base.
  12. MPL (Mobile Premier League): This offers chess, rummy, poker, and quizzes for cash rewards. It also includes welcome offers and easy monetary transactions.
  13. Dream11: India’s first fantasy sports platform with multiple sports and welcome bonuses and rewards.
  14. GoSuper11: Virtual teams in football, cricket, and basketball. Addictive gameplay and seamless interface.
  15. Nostra Pro Fantasy App: This app contains prediction-based games for various sports with cash prizes and leaderboard positions.

These apps offer diverse gaming experiences and opportunities to earn actual money through fantasy sports and games.

Tax On Real-Money-Earning Apps In India

In India, online real-money-earning apps are taxed under Section 194BA of the Income Tax Act. Earnings exceeding Rs 10,000 from these apps are classified as “income from other sources,” subject to a 30% Tax Deducted at Source (TDS). This deduction applies to cash winnings, while non-cash games remain exempt from taxation.

Hire a fantasy app developer: Reasons to choose!

Here we present some compelling reasons why it’s advantageous to work with a reputable app development business to hire a fantasy app developer:

  • Industry Experience: Developers specializing in creating fantasy sports apps bring valuable knowledge of the industry and an understanding of the unique demands and challenges of this niche.
  • Customization: They offer personalized solutions with unique features, branding elements, and effective monetization strategies to meet specific user needs and preferences.
  • Technical Skills: You should hire experts in programming languages and frameworks. Real-money-earning app developers ensure the creation of robust, scalable, and error-free applications.
  • Time Efficiency: Skilled developers streamline app development, reducing time to market and enabling companies to capitalize on market opponents promptly.
  • Focus on Core Operations: Outsourcing app development allows companies to optimize resources and expertise.
These apps cater to diverse preferences in fantasy sports, offering a range of sports, attractive rewards, and a seamless user experience with easy withdrawal options.

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