Helping Method to Combine/Merge Multiple Small VCF into One VCF

Do you need assistance figuring out how to combine many vCard files into a single VCF document? After reading this blog post all the way through, you will know how to combine many VCF files into one VCF file, which is undoubtedly the best choice. Let us begin by understanding the users’ point of view.

Individuals Inquiry:

I want to export a lot of VCF files from my PC to Gmail. Gmail does not support the import of multiple VCF files. It would be my goal to merge many VCF files into a single VCF file. Is this possible to accomplish? If so, do let me know.

About 100 vCard files are stored on my machine. Additionally, I’m looking for a simple way to combine all of my VCF files into a single file. Please provide a simple answer to this question if you know it. Regards

Why Do Users Blend Many VCF Files into One?

Compared to maintaining many files, managing a single VCF file is simpler. Furthermore, sharing a single file with another individual is simple. Separating data into a single file is highly beneficial; otherwise, keeping track of several contacts might be very stressful.

VCF Merge Tool: Seamlessly Merge Numerous vCards into one Large vCard Format

Today, users can quickly and easily combine or merge multiple small VCFs into one VCF using the WholeClear vCard Merger Tool. Anyone with little technical experience can operate the program with ease, making it an ideal tool for conversion tasks. No external email client or VCF file supporter is needed for the software to function. To import VCF data, the VCF Merge Tool offers two options: “Add File” and “Add Folder.” To preserve all of the components and data in a contact file, the program runs the merging process.

Any version of Windows, including 11, 10, 8.1, 7, XP, Vista, and so on, can be used to install the program. All versions of VCF files, such as VCF 2.1, 3.0, 4.1, etc., are supported by this merging program. It is also possible for users to combine VCF files from any program that can handle VCF, notably Lotus Notes, Thunderbird, AppleMail, Eudora, Outlook, SeaMonkey, and Courier.

Now Let’s Decide How to Unite Many vCard Files into a Single Document (VCF).

To easily unite many VCF files into a single VCard file, adhere to the following practical instructions:

  • Start by opening the VCF Merger Tool.
select vcf files

  • You can select one of the two alternatives, such as “Add Files” or “Add Folder.”
  • The user is able to use the “Remove” and “Remove All” buttons to eliminate any unneeded VCF objects from the screen after viewing all of the specified VCF files. 
  • Press the “Next” tab and then select the Merge vCard option.
select output destination

  • Clicking “Export” will begin the merging process. 
  • To successfully complete the assignment, click the “Ok” tab now. 
click on process now

Concluding Remark

I hope this clears up any misconceptions you may have had about how to merge several vCard files into a single VCF document. Get the free conversion tool by downloading this merging program to your Windows computer. Users are not charged for combining the first few VCF files in each folder.

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