Vacuum Truck Market Report Share and Growth 2024-2032

Global Vacuum Truck Market value is anticipated to be about US$ 3.11 billion by 2032. The CAGR for the industry from 2024 to 2032 is 6.53%. Renub Research said that it amounted to US$ 1.76 billion in 2023.


Vacuum trucks are innovative machines that split, accumulate, and haul away soil and different particles. Their fundamental layout consists of a truck with an extensive series tank hooked to a vacuum hose. Putting stress in the tank lets the vacuum suck substances into the tank to complete jobs like clearing roadways of debris. Many vacuum vehicles additionally come equipped with a pressurized water hose attachment. When spraying the water wand, the strain can break apart packed ground soil and different rigid substances as an alternative to digging. The water hose and the vacuum collectively break apart debris and remove it from a work vicinity. Since the vacuum systems are attached to trucks, these machines also help clear waste from sites and transport it to places for safe and proper disposal.


Growing international municipal solid waste displays the world’s industrial and customer culture of the past years. The global amount of solid waste has dramatically expanded due to fast population growth, multiplied urbanization, agricultural demand, and industrial improvement. The UNEP has stated that municipal solid waste technology is predicted to increase from 2.3 billion tonnes in 2023 to 3.8 billion tonnes by 2050. In 2020, the worldwide direct cost of waste control was envisioned at USD 252 billion. When factoring in the hidden costs of pollution, adverse health, and climate change from terrible waste disposal practices, the price rises to USD 361 billion. Without urgent efforts on waste management, in 2050 this global annual cost may nearly double to a stunning USD 640.3 billion.


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Vacuum trucks step in as silent champions, vital in preserving sanitation. Sewer vacuum vehicles are deployed to clean and keep sewage structures, ensuring the urban environments remain hygienic and blockage-free. The effective management of waste and byproducts is essential. Vacuum trucks are an anchor in these procedures. Vacuum vehicles can clean production lines, deal with spills, and control waste substances. Liquid vacuum vehicles are relied upon for quick and efficient liquid waste elimination in various industries. This propels the global vacuum truck market.


The future of the global vacuum truck market is marked by continuous innovation aimed toward enhancing efficiency and sustainability. Manufacturers are exploring advancements in suction power to improve the trucks’ functionality to address heavier substances and increase productivity. Integrating IoT (Internet of Things) technology permits real-time device performance and predictive preservation tracking, decreasing downtime and optimizing resource usage. A growing recognition is also developing sustainable disposal strategies, recycling, and waste-to-energy conversion to limit environmental impact. In February 2023, Vac-Con released the Titan three-yard combination sewer cleaning truck at the 2023 WWETT show in Indianapolis. It is a new addition to their product lineup, showcasing innovation and commitment to meeting enterprise needs.


Asia-Pacific vacuum truck market.


Asia-Pacific might have a considerable proportion in the global vacuum truck market. The increase can be attributed to the rise in industrialization and infrastructure development. The Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation data says India’s business manufacturing index grew by 5.2% in May 2023 from 4.2% in April 2023. In May 2022, the manufacturing unit output, measured by the Index of Industrial Production (IIP), was 19.6%. The increase in waste further propels the global vacuum truck industry. India generates considerable waste, including municipal stable waste (MSW) and commercial, hazardous, and natural waste. The State of India’s Environment 2023 report states that the MSW generation in India is predicted at around 150,000 tonnes per day (TPD). Manufacturers are expanding in Asia Pacific to meet growing demand.


Global Vacuum Truck Industry News.


Kanematsu Engineering Co. Ltd., Cappellotto S.p.a., DISAB Vacuum Technology AB, Fulongma Group Co. Ltd., GapVax, Keith Huber Corporation, Koks Group B.V., and Sewer Equipment Company of America stand out as prominent contributors in the worldwide vacuum truck market.


  • In September 2023- The Vermeer vacuum excavator with plate number 1 underwent a redesign to improve its performance. The load capacity for road use has been increased, and the component and technology reliability and serviceability have been optimized. The machine has also been equipped with performance-enhancing features to boost productivity for vacuum crews.
  • In March 2023- Handex acquired new vacuum trucks, a Dragon DOT 130 BBL Vacuum Tank Trailer, and an accompanying Freightliner Road Tractor. The Dragon is designed and built to remove and transport 5000 gallons of both hazardous and non-hazardous liquids, sludges, and solids.
  • In April 2023- Hercules’ vacuum truck fleet has grown to 30 vehicles, including two triple-fan excavators for deeper digging and the premium ESE 8 model with dual tipping.


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By Product Type –

  1. Dry and Liquid Suctioning
  2. Liquid Suctioning


By Application –

  1. Industrial
  2. Excavation
  3. Municipal
  4. General Cleaning
  5. Others


By Fuel Type –

  1. Electric
  2. ICE


By Country –

  1. North America


1.1    United States

1.2    Canada


  1. Europe


2.1    France

2.2    Germany

2.3    Italy

2.4    Spain

2.5    United Kingdom

2.6    Belgium

2.7    Netherlands

2.8    Turkey


  1. Asia Pacific


3.1    China

3.2    Japan

3.3    India

3.4    South Korea

3.5    Thailand

3.6    Malaysia

3.7    Indonesia

3.8    Australia

3.9    New Zealand


  1. Latin America


4.1    Brazil

4.2    Mexico

4.3    Argentina


  1. Middle East & Africa


5.1    Saudi Arabia

5.2    UAE

5.3    South Africa


All the Key players have been covered from 3 Viewpoints:

  • Overview
  • Recent Development
  • Revenue Analysis


Company Analysis:

  1. Fulongma Group Co. Ltd.
  2. Kanematsu Engineering Co. Ltd.
  3. Cappellotto S.p.A.
  4. DISAB Vacuum Technology AB
  5. GapVax
  6. Keith Huber Corporation
  7. Koks Group B.V.
  8. Sewer Equipment Co. of America



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