The Ultimate Guide to Ignition Delay Testing for Fuels

Welcome to the world of ignition delay testing, where the IQT Lab Model (IQT-LM) takes centre stage as your go-to instrument for assessing fuel quality and performance. Since its inception in 1998, the IQT-LM has been a pioneer, setting the standard for reliable and fundamental testing requirements.

High Precision Fuel Injection System (HP-FIS)

Equipped with the standard High Precision Fuel Injection System (HP-FIS), the IQT-LM ensures accurate fuel injection for ignition delay testing. It may not possess all the bells and whistles of the TALM model, but it remains a robust and dependable choice for meeting essential testing needs.

Specifications and Standards

Meet your compliance needs with the IQT Lab Model, your recommended equipment for conducting ignition delay and Derived Cetane Number (DCN) tests on various fuel types. It aligns with critical standards such as ASTM D6890, EN 15195 (IP 498), and ASTM D6751, covering a wide range of fuel characteristics.

User-Friendly Interface

The IQT system comes equipped with a Windows 10 PC running the IQT TALM K2 software. This user-friendly interface offers enhanced visibility for monitoring tests, providing convenience in a lab setting. Keep an eye on critical data and test progress through the provided monitor display.

Data Backup and Redundancy

Rest easy knowing that the IQT Lab Model features a fully integrated data backup system. With automatic backups to an internal drive and RAID 1 redundancy on the primary drive, your data remains secure even in the face of potential system failures.

Additional Features Galore

  • Highly visible test monitoring through TALM K2 software
  • Automated calibration recommended for specific fuel reservoir assemblies
  • Short test times of approximately 17 minutes
  • Ability to measure high levels of cetane improver additives with no negative carryover effects

Conclusion: A Reliable Companion in Fuel Testing

In conclusion, rest assured that the IQT Lab Model (IQT-LM) stands as a testament to reliability and precision in ignition delay testing for fuels. Its strong history dating back to 1998 solidifies its position as a trusted ally for professionals and researchers worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the IQT Lab Model (IQT-LM)?

The IQT Lab Model is an ignition delay testing instrument designed for assessing fuel quality and performance.

What are the key standards that the IQT-LM complies with?

The key standards include ASTM D6890, EN 15195 (IP 498), and ASTM D6751.

How user-friendly is the interface of IQT-LM?

The interface is incredibly user-friendly, offering high-visibility test monitoring.

Can it withstand data loss in case of system failure?

Yes, it features a fully integrated data backup system along with RAID 1 redundancy on its primary drive.

What are some additional features?

Additional features include highly visible test monitoring, automated calibration, short test times, etc.

Is it compatible with various fuel types?

Absolutely! It’s designed to handle various fuel types effectively.

Is it easy to maintain?

Indeed! The system offers easy maintenance access and boasts a proven safety track record.

What is its testing capability regarding biodiesel fuels?

It has a proven testing capability for B100 and other biodiesel fuels from various sources.

Ready to take your fuel testing game to new heights? The IQT Lab Model is here to lead you on an unparalleled journey of accuracy and reliability.

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