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The Rising Trend in Indian Tattoo Styles

Tattoos are not bounded by the region anymore. As a tattoo artist myself, I made over a hundred tattoos last year, all related to Indian tattoo styles. You may be wondering why Indian tattoo styles are so popular even in Australia. There are many reasons behind this.

In this blog, we will try to solve your queries by answering some of the important stuff related to Indian-style tattooing. Not only Indians but also other white people are getting these tattoos for their unique style and health benefits.

If you are looking for a surfers paradise tattoo studio, you can check online and find a reliable tattoo shop near you. Professional tattoo artists know the art of making permanent tattoos and can handle difficult situations with ease.

What are the Reasons Behind This Rise in Popularity?

Let’s deal with the burning question first. Here are some of the reasons behind the rising popularity of Indian tattoo styles-

  1. India has a deep culture. With the expansion of knowledge, people from other countries start learning about the culture and now imbibing that in their lives.
  2. Spirituality is an integral part of Indian culture. If you have taken a path towards inner peace, having an Indian-style tattoo can be helpful.
  3. We all see people having Indian-style tattoos on their bodies. Social media is another reason behind the success of these tattoo designs.
  4. Recently, a number of celebs got these tattoos. Since then, more and more people are getting these tattoos.

Popular Indian-Style Tattoo Designs You Can Have

Let’s have a look at popular Indian-style tattoo designs-

  1. Tribal Tattoo Design

Although tribal tattoos are not solely of Indian origin, Indian tribal tattoos are still complicated and intriguing. You need to hire a proficient tattoo artist to get these tattoos.

  1. Mehndi Tattoo Design

Mehndi or Henna tattoos are the most popular among all tattoo designs. Being an herbal tattoo design, these are good for your skin. Once you have the tattoo, it can last up to a month. Beyond that, the design will fade on its own. Consult with a tattoo artist in Surfers Paradise to learn more about these things.

  1. Mandala Tattoos

Mandala tattoos are deeply connected with Indian culture. These are visually appealing and have distinctive meaning. People who get these tattoos express that they feel peace after having the tattoo.

  1. Tattoos of Hindu Scriptures

Finally, you can have tattoos of Hindu scriptures and goddesses. Look for all the options and then choose the right one.

Who Are the Professionals That Can Help You Get These Tattoos?

You need to have an experienced tattoo artist to get these tattoos. In Australia, there are many tattoo studios. Pick any one of them and consult with the expert for more information.

Tips You Must Follow

  1. Do your own research before finalizing the tattoo.
  2. Communication with the tattoo artist is going to be vital in the long run.
  3. Safety measures are important, and all the standards of the tattoo shop must be checked.

Once you have checked all these aspects, you will be ready to get the tattoo.

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