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Rent a car being the no. 1 Smart Choice for Business

Rent a car company , whether for your own use only or for all operational processes of your company, provides many advantages compared to purchasing.

However, when it comes to taking full responsibility for the vehicles and budget planning, renting a vehicle to a company is an option that makes the job of businesses much easier. Moreover, the advantages of rent a car Lahore are not limited to these only.

  1. 16 Reasons to Rent a Vehicle for Your Company

Long-term rental has certain differences compared to short-term rental. Since their short-term usage period is limited. However, in long-term rental, the new vehicles you want can be included in your company with many advantages, without having to assume almost any liability.

1.1. The Privilege of Supplying Any Number of New Vehicles to Your Company

However, for long-term rentals, all vehicles that the company needs or demands are offered as new models.

1.2. Opportunity to Establish a Fleet Without Taking out a Loan or Paying Down Payment

In fleet car rental, the total amount is paid in installments throughout the contract period. Moreover, no down payment is required unless preferred by businesses.

1.3. The Advantage of Being able to Manage Your Budget More Efficiently

When making fleet rental agreements, monthly amounts are determined to best suit the companies’ budgets. Moreover, since only predetermined amounts will be paid by the company, surprise expenses are eliminated.

1.4. Opportunity to Reach Your Goals Earlier with Fast Vehicle Delivery

Since civil transactions will also be carried out, the processes can be long and arduous. In the rental option, thanks to the quickly managed evaluation processes, all vehicles needed by the company.

1.5. Exemption from Transactions Related to Vehicle Sales

Since vehicles may need to be changed in terms of capacity after a certain period of time, companies may choose to dispose of the vehicles they have purchased and buy new ones. 1.6. VAT Deduction on Tax Payments

Since monthly amounts paid for rental vehicles can be shown as expenses in companies’ Corporate Tax payments, VAT discounts can also be benefited from.

1.7. Exemption from MTV and Special Consumption Tax Tracking and Payments

Keeping track of Motor Vehicle Tax (MTV) and Special Consumption Tax (SCT) payments and depositing them on time means a separate workload for companies

1.8. No Requirement for Transactions Regarding Vehicle Ownership

In operational leasing, license plate and license procedures of the vehicles are carried out by the fleet company.

1.9. Exemption from the Obligation to Have Traffic Insurance

1.10. Lack of Responsibility to Obtain Motor Insurance

The payments required for this type of insurance are higher compared to standard insurance. And this is undertaken by the fleet company rather than the company itself.

1.11. Free Periodic Maintenance Advantage

Among the services offered by fleet companies is free periodic maintenance. When it is time for periodic maintenance of the vehicles, the fleet manager assigned to the company contacts the authorized

1.12. Fast Maintenance and Repair with Contracted Service Points

Fleet companies have many contracted service points due to the comprehensive services they provide. Thus, being the car hire pakistan lahore. Vehicle users can have maintenance and repairs done without waiting in line if they experience any problems during long-term travels.

1.13. Assistance Support in Case of Accident/Damage

When vehicle users are stranded on the road for any reason, they can contact their rent a car managers regardless of day and time and receive tow truck or service support as soon as possible

1.14. Advantage of Providing a Replacement Vehicle in Case of Accident/Damage

When a problem occurs that prevents the use of rented vehicles, the fleet company provides replacement vehicles to the companies. In this way, business processes can continue smoothly from where they left off, without disrupting delivery dates.

1.15. Timely Summer/Winter Tire Changes

Vehicle tire changes can be completed quickly at contracted service points before the legal validity period begins.

1.16. More Efficient Work and Time Management with Fleet Management Services and Additional Products

Fleet companies offer companies not only the number and model of vehicles they need, but also many services regarding the operational management of these vehicles

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