Read This Before Buying a Circus Bike

Whether you’re looking for a circus bike because you’re a performer, you’re simply bored and looking for a new skill to master, or you want to become a more proficient trick rider, make sure you take all of the following into consideration before buying.

Is It a Circus Bike or a Mini Bike You’re Looking for?
Take a look at this circus bike (20 inch) available online at Notice the size. It’s basically as big as a regular bike.

Are you sure you’re not looking for a minibike, sometimes also referred to as a clown bike or a clown circus bike?

They’re two totally (well, mostly) different things, and require very different skills to ride. Make sure you get the right one.

There’s No Chain Drive
Most circus bikes lack chain drives. You probably knew this, but if not, it means two big things: one, your top speed will be severely limited, and two, you’ll have much more dextrous control over the rear wheel, to which the cranks are directly attached at the hub.

This makes these bikes, all in all, more agile and maneuverable than most bikes with a chain drive, which makes certain tricks and trials more approachable.

Quality Matters
Go back and look at that 20-inch circus bike again. The thing is made with a steel frame and has super-strong, super-lightweight single wall aluminum rims.

Unplanned dismounts are just part and parcel of riding. If you’re serious about learning to ride a clown bike, the thing better be as tough as your resolve is. If not, the bike’s going to quit after a few spills.

Buy a quality model, though, and you’ll have an investment that will last longer.

Some Have Wheels That Rotate Independently of Each Other
The majority of clown circus bikes out there have two wheels that can spin 360° around the tube in the frame through which they are mounted.

For some riders, that will make these bikes harder to control, but the price is far greater maneuverability and control – so keep that in mind as you are learning.

Do Not Forget Safety Gear
The concrete, the earth, the driveway – whatever it is you’re riding over – does not care what your purpose is. Whether you’re racing or learning or attempting a trick, when you experience an unplanned dismount, the effect is the same.

Don’t ever ride without appropriate safety gear. This means a helmet, at minimum, every time. But you know what? If you’re aiming at a clown bike, you might as well wear knee, elbow and wrist pads, too, to provide you better protection.

Explore Circus Bikes at Unicycle
Still want to try your hand at a circus bike? Check out the circus bike (20-inch model, from Hoppley) over at

They carry this and other highlights in their collection of odd bikes, along with all the bike tools and bike safety gear you could want. Also, their customer service is great; if you have questions about anything, get in touch with them before buying.

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