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The Complete Guide to Book Marketing and How to Sell More Books

Sure, it is a moment of joy for authors to see the booming sales of their books, especially when you have covered a long and tiring book-writing journey. With every additional sale, the happiness of the writers increases drastically, and it feels rewarding. But achieving this objective isn’t as easy, especially when you are all along a book publishing and marketing journey.

Therefore, we’ve meticulously outlined a set of practical and easy-to-adopt strategies for book marketing, specifically tailored for first-timers and emerging authors. By implementing these strategies, you can expect a significant increase in your book’s visibility and sales.

In this blog, we’ll not only provide these practical tips but also recommend digital and traditional platforms that you can leverage for book marketing and key considerations before exhibiting book marketing. Besides that, we would also inform you about who to hire for professional book marketing and sales services. So, let’s get started.

Book Marketing Key Considerations

Before you get started with book marketing, you should know several vital pointers. Adhering to these considerations will not only optimize your book marketing but also help you save a lot of time. These are as follows:

1.   Know Your Target Audience

As a writer, you are already familiar with your target audience, which is the readers you want to engage. If you have no idea what and whom your target audience is, then this book marketing will be ineffective. Firstly you should know that your target audience is the rule of thumb of book marketing. For this, you have to research, analyze your readers, and determine their homogeneous patterns.

Once you research your target audience, you should segment them based on their age, demographics, and preferences. Narrowing down your target audience would help formulate a time-saving and data-driven marketing strategy.

After conducting subtle research, you will be aware of how to market your book to the audience, what medium would be best for promotion, and what message you should use.

2.   Budgeting For Book Marketing

Once you have completed the relevant market research, you should plan the investment expenditures for the book marketing process. Creating a marketing budget would allow you to avoid unnecessary promotional expenses and enhance the allocation of marketing funds.

In addition, a marketing budget would help track and control the marketing expenditures throughout the process. Once the whole book marketing process is completed, budgets would help calculate crucial KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and metrics like ROI (Return On Investment).

3.   Outlining Marketing Strategy

Creating an impeccable marketing strategy is a crucial prerequisite for book marketing. When creating a marketing strategy for your book, you would have to outline several things. These include identifying and choosing the touchpoints to use for book marketing, deciding upon the focus on whether to use traditional marketing methods or digital marketing, and so on.

One of the benefits of creating a marketing strategy in the earlier phase is that it helps you implement the marketing plan promptly. It also helps you avoid confusion, such as which platform to choose. By establishing the strategy early on, you can also ensure that all stakeholders are aligned and committed to the overall marketing goals and objectives.

Best Social Media Platforms to Do Book Marketing

Now that we have learned about the prerequisites and the key considerations for book marketing, we will look at the best platforms and ways through which you can conduct book marketing. These are as follows:

1.   Facebook

Facebook is still one of the most prominent social media platforms, with a mass consumer base. Writers and emerging authors can leverage this platform for cost-effective promotion. Moreover, if your audience comprises millennials and young adults, then using Facebook for book marketing is the best option for you.

Here is how you can carry out effective and impactful book marketing on Facebook:

  • You create a Facebook page dedicated to your author profile that you can use for book marketing.
  • Using relevant hashtags and compelling captions on promotional posts.
  • Regularly engaging with the audience by responding to the comments and answering queries.
  • Running sponsored ads through Facebook would also be resourceful for boosting booking marketing. Although these would be paid ads, the cost would be minimal and affordable, even if you have a low marketing budget.

2.   Instagram

Instagram is a fantastic platform for book marketing. If your audience consists of Gen Z and young adults, then there is no better platform to promote your book than Instagram. However, you should note that Instagram can initially be daunting to grow an organic audience.

But here are some tips and tricks you can follow to get gradual but productive results:

  • By marking using hashtags in your post’s captions, you can search for these hashtags by analyzing posts that gain good reach.
  • While using this platform, you should also focus on audience interaction. You can do so by entertaining the comments of the followers and audience.
  • Also, one effective way to gain and build a good follower base rapidly on this platform is by collaborating with Instagram influencers and micro-influencers. Collecting shoutouts and testimonials from them can also be helpful as word-of-mouth.


Lastly, as we have covered all the covered considerations and platforms for book marketing, you can exhibit book marketing in complete confidence. However, if you want guaranteed results, we recommend you get the services of a reliable book marketing agency like Nimbus Publishers.

Nimbus Publishers is a renowned book marketing agency. Its expert marketers can proficiently promote your books on any platform, whether traditional or digital. Besides that, they can provide you with marketing reports promptly to ensure service transparency. So, plan the promotion of your book with the assistance of Nimbus Publishers to foster visibility and boost your book sales.

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