Palbocent 125mg Capsules

Palbocent Explained: Slowing Cancer Growth

At present time everyone wants a happy and healthy life but as days pass it becoming difficult to get it. It might be due to daily lifestyle, mental pressure, or poor diet. The reason might be anything but we all have to live a healthy life because some diseases are very serious. Among all diseases, cancer is the most dangerous and leading one. Many women are suffering from it and some may lose their lives because taking medicine not on time. Here in this blog, we will discuss about breast cancer, its treatment, and Palbocent 125mg Capsules used in the treatment. Let start begin.

Overview of Breast Cancer

When healthy cells mutate and start growing in an uncontrolled way over the breast tissues is called breast cancer. This cancer is the most common in women, if this cancer is detected at the beginning it can be treated well. If not detected at the beginning stage then it gets spread to the other nearby tissues which is called the last stage and causes death. In very rare cases people survive from the last stage. Now in your mind, a question arises what are the exact reasons for developing cancer cells in the breast issues? Researchers are still finding the exact reason for developing the cancer cells, but they still searching. Still, some risk factors have been found that increase the chance of developing cancer cells.

About Palbocent Capsules

To treat breast cancer Palbocent 125mg Capsules are mostly prescribed by doctors. Its work is to stop or slow down the growth of cancer cells by blocking the action of abnormal protein which is responsible for cancer cells. Usually, this medicine is taken once a day for 21 days or as your doctor prescribes with or without food. At the beginning of the treatment discuss about risks and benefits of the medicine. Tell your doctor about past medical history such as liver, lung, and kidney problems so your doctor will prescribe the best medicine for you.

This capsule has several side effects that are seen in patients but it is not necessary that side effects will seen in all patients. Side effects are nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, change in taste, dry skin, rash, tiredness, etc. Some side effects are serious which are fever, chills, chest pain, dizziness, weakness, nosebleeding, skin redness, etc. If these are seen in patients then immediately consult with your doctor for further medical addition. If the patient has missed any dose or overdosed then talk with your doctor for further medical attention.

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