Feasible Methods to Migrate eM Client to Office 365 Account

For some time now, I have been using EM Client. My contacts, calendars, and emails have all been well-organized by it. However, I have recently been looking for more effective Office tool integration. To make exchanges even easier, every member of my team uses Office 365. Moving from the eM client to Office 365, nevertheless, requires assistance from you. Does the process of converting data to the PST format need the purchase of specific software? Does a simpler option?


With a variety of capabilities, Office 365 is the newest and most feature-rich emailing platform available. As a result, moving to Office 365 for their eM client is preferred by many customers. Are you too looking for a dependable, fast way to migrate? If so, read this blog through to the very end. For your convenience, we will talk about a free process and a professional EML to Office 365 to transfer emails from the eM client to Office 365.

About Office 365 and eM Client

First off, eM Client is an expert in productivity tools and email management. Through a single interface, clients can easily manage several email accounts from various providers. A number of other features are also available with eM Client, including chat integration, task management, contact organization, and calendars.

Office365, on the other hand, is a full suite of cloud-based software that offers a large number of apps and services. PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Outlook are among the productivity tools. Additionally, customers have access to Office 365 via desktop programs, mobile apps, and online browsers. As a result, you can work on any device with an internet connection from anywhere. Because of this, consumers prefer Office 365 over eM Client and often switch from eM Client to Office 365.

Requires eM Client Export to Office 365—Summarized

The salient characteristics of Office 365 are as follows:

  • A comprehensive bundle of several productivity tools.
  • functionalities for collaboration such as file sharing and real-time co-authoring.
  • the ability to operate remotely from any location with an internet link.
  • Robust security measures to protect your important data.
  • frequent updates on the newest security features and functionality.
  • Let’s move on to the process now.

Various Techniques for eM Client to Office 365 Migration

We will look at a free manual procedure that has to be done in eM Client in this part. Using professional tools is one of the most favored and straightforward methods. Before undergoing the move, you can nevertheless weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the two processes.

Process Manually: Convert the eM Client to Office 365

You must first export your eM Client mailbox as EML files in order to move it to Office 365. Adhere to the protocol:

  • Launch the eM Client.
  • Click the File menu, then choose Export.
  • Select the information to export, including tasks, contacts, calendars, and emails.
  • Choose EML as the export format.
  • Choose where you want the exported data to be saved.
  • To finish the export procedure, click Finish.

After that, you can easily transfer all of your EML files to Office 365 by using Softaken’s EML to Office 365 Converter. The most practical option available to you is this one.

If not, proceed with the manual method’s procedures to move the eM client mailbox to Office 365. Let’s examine each phase in depth.

Step 1: Get Microsoft 365 Ready For the Move

Set up the Office 365 account for migration before starting the eM client migration. Take these actions:

  • First, open your Microsoft 365 account and log in.
  • Navigate to the Exchange Admin Center by accessing the Admin Center.
  • Then choose Migration under Recipients.
  • To begin a new migration batch, click the + icon.
  • Choose EML as the migration type at this point.

Configure the migrating batch by following the directions on the screen.

  • Input the destination mailbox data and the source server parameters as well.
  • Move your data into Office 365 in step two.
  • The migration process from the eM client to Office 365 begins as soon as the migration batch is configured.
  • Examine the status of the migration in the Exchange Admin Center. Verify the successful transmission of all data.
  • Check to see if all the data has been moved to Microsoft 365 when the migration is complete.
  • Do you find it tough to use this method? Large data transfers need a protracted process that takes a lot of time. Choose a specialized instrument that is safe and dependable instead.

The Finest Instrument for Converting an eM Client to Office 365

Softaken EML to Office 365 Importer is the best option for moving/migrate the eM client mailbox to Office 365 for several reasons. The program is the best software available for transferring or backing up emails and their attachments from the IMAP server. Users can thus move their eM emails to other IMAP server accounts or Office 365. In addition, the tool’s abundance of capabilities makes it a superior option for converting eM Client to Office 365.

To use the tool to import eM Client to Outlook 365, take the following actions:

  • Launch Office 365 EML on your computer.
  • Enter the proper login information to access the eM client.
  • Check out the eM Client inbox now. Select the directories that require migration.
  • Go into your Office 365 account after selecting Office 365 as the saving option.
  • Also, select more filters from the available options if necessary.
  • After you select the Convert button, the conversion process starts.
  • Is this approach thus more convenient and easier to use? Just a few easy actions will let you export the eM client to Office 365.

You can also use this tool to selectively migrate data by setting a date filter or to stop duplicate items from migrating. The tool has several sophisticated features that guarantee a smooth and precise transfer.

Final Verdict,

There are two steps you need to take if you want to go from eM Client to Office 365. Users typically attempt the free manual way first, although there is a chance of data loss. Thus, make sure your eM inbox is backed up. If not, consider transferring your data safely using the expert tool that has been recommended.

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