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Job Roles after BA Journalism and Mass Communication!

Journalism is all about gathering, studying, creating, and sharing news and stories about what’s happening recently. When you learn how to share information widely using different ways of communicating, it’s called journalism and mass communication. There are lots of jobs available in mass communication because many people study BA Journalism and Mass Communication courses. Check out this blog for more details on jobs you can get after completing a BA Journalism and Mass Communication.


Journalism is seen as a great job after studying mass communication. Many graduates from top Mass Communication Colleges in Punjab often choose a career in journalism. This path gives them the skills and knowledge needed to tell real stories effectively to the public.

Content Creator

Many online platforms collaborate with media, businesses, and agencies to create content. You could be a sportswriter, an artist, or a journalist, reporting on events or making branded content for companies. Content creation is a top job after a degree from the best BJMC colleges.

Public Relations Professional

A degree in Journalism and Mass Communication (J&MC) sets you up with top-notch skills for PR jobs. Companies everywhere want talented folks who can showcase their brand well, build strong networks, and handle communications smoothly. The demand for PR specialists is booming as companies care more about how they’re seen.

Publicity/Advertising Industry

Starting from their bachelor’s degree, students learn about advertising and how it’s used. Advertising aims to promote your products. Being creative is important for this. Many companies in India need fresh ideas from creative artists and planners.

Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is a top career choice in journalism and mass communication. These professionals help businesses promote their products and services online. They plan and manage marketing activities across various digital platforms. They handle everything from websites and social media to emails, SEO/SEM, and online ads. Digital marketers also analyze campaign performance and create reports to measure success. They look for trends to improve brand impact and loyalty, coming up with creative strategies based on budgets and market data.


There are many cool job opportunities for graduates from top colleges in Bareilly for Journalism. Whether you’re experienced or just starting, there are lots of awesome careers to check out. You can go for traditional gigs in newspapers or TV, or try new roles in social media, PR, or content creation.

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