How To Get More Comments On Instagram: 08 Smart Ways

How To Get More Comments On Instagram: 08 Smart Ways

Instagram has a lot of people with a lot of content to share. It also has the second-highest engagement rate, after Facebook. That’s a lot of advertising! However, Instagram is making major changes to its algorithms, meaning social media marketers will have to work around the clock to find the most effective strategies to beat this.

Engagement on Instagram is a broad concept, but today we’re narrowing it down by showing you how to get more comments on your Instagram posts.

So let’s get started!

08 Smart Ways to Get More Comments on Your Instagram Posts

As mentioned earlier, the more Instagram engagement you get on your post, the more the algorithm will like you. However, many factors influence the Instagram algorithm.

Provoking the opinions and interests of others is one way to get more comments on Instagram, but there are many more.

Ask yourself: what makes someone stop scrolling to leave a comment? Sometimes it is the need to be heard. Sometimes it’s just interesting. And sometimes it happens that at two in the morning, you get into an argument with a stranger about which is better: hamburger or pizza.

With that in mind, here are some proven tips on how to get more Instagram comments and improve your Instagram strategy!

1. Be careful! It attracts attention 

Everyone on the internet wants to create content that goes viral. From a funny meme to an inspiring video, we all want to get as much attention as possible on social media platforms.

That’s why it’s important to know that viral content has one thing in common:

  • Creates buzz that gets more users involved with the post and the person who posted it.
  • Even if it’s a regular selfie, make sure it’s visually appealing and well-edited.
  • Check out this selfie of a girl with her grandfather. It went viral within days.

2. Post at the right time to peak

You should post when your community is most active. Once it hits the market, it will attract maximum interest. Instagram interprets this as a sign of high-quality content and the algorithm places your post at the top of all Instagram feeds.

The more views or impressions the Instagram post gets…well, you can calculate it from here.

How can you check when your target group is most active?

It’s very simple:

Go to the Instagram analytics page. Please note that it is only available to users whose Instagram account is set to business mode. Tap “Statistics,” then tap “Audience.”

3. Videos are the heart of your profile

Many users receive comments on Instagram via video. This is an essential part of building an audience on Instagram. There is a science behind engaging content, especially video content.

The idea came from YouTube, the home of the most viral video trends on the internet. The clearer a video is the more clicks and views it gets. This applies to the thumbnail, the sound, and the video itself.

Also, ask your listeners for feedback now and then. It’s that simple: visual content with sound captures users’ attention.

Even if it’s not “your thing”, the visual content is very inspiring – which in most cases is enough to attract attention even under the Instagram post.

4. Subtitles, subtitles, subtitles

Most of us often get stuck when it comes to finding good Instagram captions. We look for inspiration in songs and write quotes. Sometimes we just add emojis. But what is the best approach for ‘feedback fishing’?

Fortunately, the answer is very simple.

Ask and you shall receive… again. Known as., ask questions in your signature.

Did you see that? If not, what other good releases have you seen recently? I would appreciate some advice!”

5. Host Instagram giveaways

An Instagram giveaway will make you a follower one day! Contests and sweepstakes on Instagram

are a great way to generate more comments on your profile. It’s also a lot easier than it sounds. All you have to do is post a photo advertising a specific contest.

For a chance to win, ask your recipients the following questions:

  • Like and comment on the post (required)
  • Tag a friend
  • Share the post to your Instagram stories
  • Follow the profile

You can always maximize your budget and create a huge Instagram giveaway on your website! The benefits are incredibly high.

6.  Set, set – takeover! Instagram

Simply put, a takeover is a situation in which someone takes over your profile for a day. They publish content from their perspective and point of view. For example, celebrities do this all the time for brands and companies, especially when they’re involved in multi-million dollar brand deals.

This marketing idea was eventually adopted by famous Instagrammers. So it’s no longer a concept that only applies to celebrities. You can assign this task to anyone; a friend, colleague, another influencer, or brand owner. Make sure the transaction is mutually beneficial.

Acquisitions are exciting for viewers. Sharing everyday life with a completely new audience creates interest and therefore curiosity on both sides. It’s a win-win for both the recipient and the person receiving it.

7. Questions and Answers, but do it in live video format

Q&As are a quick way to showcase your brand and have fun with your audience. With features like IG TV, Instagram Stories, and Lives hosting, it’s easier than ever.

Take your time to answer all of the questions your followers may have. Not only will this build trust, but it will also increase your brand awareness, especially if your followers see you paying attention to them.

8. Make memes

Having a good relationship with your audience is one thing. But it’s even better to use them to make jokes or memes about your brand.

Internet memes have always attracted countless reactions from all corners of the internet. You can also post a funny meme made by one of your customers. This will deepen the bond between you.

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