How to Convert Excel to vCard (VCF) with Contacts?

Simple Steps Spreadsheets are created using programs like Microsoft Excel, which allow users to carry out a variety of tasks. Within the spreadsheet file, one of the tasks that users perform is also contact management.

Data is stored in rows and columns in a spreadsheet. When storing contacts, users store information about their contact list in these spreadsheet columns.MS Excel gives different document arranges that permit saving Excel accounting sheets with contacts like XLS, XLSX, XLSX, XLS, CSV, and so forth.

How does vCard (.vcf) work?

vCard (.vcf) is a different document type explicitly intended to hold contacts. It can keep in touch with information like a profile picture, email address, first and last name, and more.

Since vCard files are universally compatible, they can also be shared and imported with contacts. This file type is supported by numerous email clients and contact management applications for safe import and storage of contacts.

Motivations behind why clients need to Change over Excel to vCard records?

• Because vCard is designed specifically for the management of contacts, using vCard files to add and store contacts is simple.
• Importing contacts from vCard files is supported by most applications in contrast to Excel or CSV files.
• vCard is a file format that works on all devices—desktop, mobile, and tablet—and is universally compatible.

Using an Automatic Program Like Excel to VCard Converter Software is the Best Way to Convert Excel to VCard/VCF Files Easily and Effortlessly With ContactsThe task of exporting contacts from Excel to vCard files can be done with this tool only. It supports converting Excel XLS, XLSX, XLS, and CSV files containing all contact information. It exports each contact’s relevant information.

How does software convert Excel contacts to vCard contacts work?

• Get and use this Windows Excel Contacts to vCard Export solution.
• Click the Add Excel File or Browse Excel File buttons.
• Select the Excel file, navigate to its location, and click Open.
• Preview all of the contacts in the software after loading them from imported Excel files.
• To proceed to the mapping fields screen, click Next.
• Use the Change Column mapping button to manually correct the contact fields.
• Once more, click on Straightaway, and apply these commodity settings; –
• At the end, click Next to begin exporting Excel contacts to vCard/VCF files.


There are a few motivations behind why clients might have to change over Excel to vCard documents with contacts. For this transformation task, there can be numerous strategies, yet clients ought to pick the best procedure to obtain the best outcomes. We’ve shown you how to do this quickly and easily with the Excel to VCard Converter above.

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