Get Helpful Ways to Merge/Combine Bulk Small Outlook Files for Free

For both people and businesses, Merge/Combine Bulk Small Outlook Files is often essential to simplify data administration and provide simpler access to all emails and other Outlook data. Outlook stores contacts, calendar entries, email messages, and other data locally on a user’s PC using PST (Personal Storage Table) files. Users can acquire several PST files over time, which can cause data fragmentation and make it difficult to manage data efficiently. These issues are solved by merging PST files, which also improves general organization and streamlines backup procedures by combining all Outlook data into a single file. Let’s examine how to combine PST files in Outlook both manually and professionally, including how to use the Merge Outlook PST software.


Manual Method:

  1. Make a fresh PST file. To begin a new PST file, open Outlook and choose File > New > Outlook Data File. Choose the Outlook Personal File (.pst) format and follow the prompts to create a new PST file.
  2. PST File Import: Existing PST files can be imported into a newly created PST file. Under File > Open & Export, choose Import/Export. After choosing “Import from another program or file,” click Next. Select “Outlook Data File (.pst)” and the required files to combine PST files. To complete the import process, simply follow the wizard.
  3. Move or Copies of Items: When you import items into a new PST file in Outlook, you can choose to move or copy those objects between PST files. One way to transfer essential elements across PST files is by using the “Move to Folder” or “Copy to Folder” options, or by simply dropping them over.
  4. Remove Duplicate Items: After manually merging PST files, it’s critical to find and remove any duplicate entries to maintain data integrity. Accessible via the “Clean Up” portion of the Ribbon, Outlook has built-in features for removing duplicates.

Expert Technique for Combining Outlook PST

A reliable third-party program made especially for quickly and easily Merge/Combine Bulk Small Outlook Files into one is called Softaken Merge Outlook PST Software. This is how to apply it:

  • Download and set up the software. Go to the official website to download and install the Merge Outlook PST program. To complete the installation, follow the on-screen directions.
  • Launch the program. After installation, launch the system’s merging utility.
  • Add PST Files: To import the PST files you want to merge, select “Add PST Files” or “Add Folder.”.
  • Choose Merge Options: Choose the combine options that suit your desires. PST Merge offers several merge options, including joining PST files, merging into an existing PST file, and merging into a new PST file.
  • Check and Combine: To ensure accuracy, you can preview the PST file contents before combining. Once you’re satisfied, click the “Merge” button to begin the merging process.
  • Eliminate Duplicates and Apply Filters (Optional): To speed up the merging process, the PST Merge tool includes tools to remove duplicate items and filter data based on specific criteria.
  • Store the Combined Outlook Data: After the merging procedure is complete, save the combined PST file where you want it to be.

Merge Outlook PST Software’s Features

  • The merge Outlook PST software guarantees quick and effective merging of several PST files without sacrificing the integrity of the data.
  • It provides a number of merge options, such as connecting PST files, producing a new PST file, and merging into an existing PST file.
  • Before combining, users can guarantee accuracy by previewing the contents of PST files.
  • During the merging process, the tool has the ability to automatically identify and eliminate duplicate entries.

Before combining PST files, users have the option to filter data according to particular parameters like sender, subject, or date range.


Finally, it should be noted that merging PST files in Outlook is a necessary step toward effective data management. This can be done manually or professionally. Although there is a chance of success with the manual approach, a dedicated tool such as Merge Outlook PST Software can help expedite the process and offer extra features for improved merging capabilities.

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