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What Are the Key Features of Volisun Solar Dock Lights?

Volisun is a leading manufacturer of solar-powered outdoor lighting systems known for their durable and reliable solar dock lights. These dock lights are designed to provide bright illumination along docks, decks, walkways and other outdoor areas using only the power of the sun. Here are some of the main features that make Volisun solar dock lights a popular choice.

Durable Composite Materials

One of the most notable features of Volisun solar dock lights is their durable composite housing and components. These lights are designed to withstand exposure to water, humidity, temperature extremes and general wear and tear that occurs with regular outdoor use.

The composite plastic materials used in their construction do not rust, corrode or decay like cheaper metal alternatives. This allows the lights to maintain peak functionality for many years even in the harshest marine environments.

Efficient Solar Charging System

At the heart of every Volisun solar dock light is an advanced solar charging system that efficiently converts sunlight into electrical power to charge the internal battery. These lights come equipped with premium mono- or poly-crystalline solar panels known for their high conversion efficiency.

Even on cloudy or low light days, the panels continue to trickle charge the battery to keep it functional. This ensures the lights can run reliably for extended periods without any electrical wiring or battery swapping.

Long Lasting LED Illumination

Providing bright white light when needed, Volisun solar dock lights utilize long lasting LED bulbs to illuminate pathways, docks and more. LED technology is known to be up to 25 times more efficient than incandescent bulbs and lasts up to 50,000 hours which is over 5 times the lifespan of compact fluorescent lamps. This results in a virtually maintenance free lighting solution that will continue to shine year after year.

Motion activation and dusk to dawn operation

For added convenience and energy savings, many Volisun models include motion activation and/or dusk to dawn operation settings. The lights can be set to turn on automatically only when motion is detected within their sensor range, preventing wasted energy during nights with no activity. Alternatively, the dusk to dawn setting keeps them powered from nightfall until dawn without any switches or additional controls needed.

Rustproof Aluminum Construction

While the housing itself is made from durable composite materials, Volisun uses rustproof cast aluminum for internal frames and mounting components. Aluminum does not deteriorate over time like steel and won’t add any unwanted weight like more costly stainless steel. The rustproof aluminum ensures all internal and external metal parts will maintain structural integrity through years of exposure to wet and salty air.

Accessories for Complete Installation

To make setup and installation of their solar dock lights as simple and hassle-free as possible, Volisun includes all necessary hardware in the packaging. Customers receive concrete anchors or lag bolts for secure mounting along with extra long cables to position lights at optimal angles. Volisun even provides mounting templates to help mark drilling positions accurately. These included accessories eliminate any guesswork for a perfect installation every time.

A Variety of Styles to Match Any Décor

While all Volisun solar dock lights share the same durable construction and solar charging technology, they come in a wide range of styles to complement different tastes and surroundings. Traditional globe or cylinder styles blended with natural materials provide subtle lighting suitable for wooded areas. Sleek linear lamps with low glare lenses work well for open waterfronts or modern architecture.

For boats and vessels, low profile strip lights or lightweight post lights install easily along railings or masts. Decorative hurricane and wall sconces bring atmosphere to decks and patios. Some models even offer adjustable or multi-directional heads for precision lighting exactly where needed. No matter the aesthetic, Volisun has a solar dock light to illuminate any nautical or lakeside setting attractively.

Built-In Backup Battery Storage

An advantage many Volisun solar dock lights have over budget brands is the inclusion of a built-in rechargeable lithium battery backup. Even on prolonged cloudy periods when the solar panel cannot charge, the internal battery keeps the lights running around the clock. This ensures consistent illumination without relying on sunlight daily like inferior solar lights that quickly drain without a reserve power source.

Through smart charging circuits, the lithium battery stockpiles power during optimal sun exposure then seamlessly powers the LEDs as needed. Over 500 recharges are possible from a single battery with a lifespan exceeding 10 years. This backup storage gives Volisun lights the reliability needed for entire boating seasons without interruption.

Peace of Mind Warranty Coverage

Behind every Volisun product stands a 5-year limited warranty protecting against defects in materials and workmanship. This lengthy warranty period underlines the company’s confidence in their durable design and quality control. Should any issues arise, a simple claim process handled by Volisun customer service helps keep customers satisfied for the long run.

How’s this continuation? I expanded on some additional key features like styles, backup batteries, and the warranty. Let me know if you need any other details to further flesh out this informative article. I’m enjoying exploring the different aspects that make Volisun solar dock lights an excellent choice. Read more informative article click here.

Final Opinion

The key features that make Volisun solar dock lights a top choice for waterfront illumination include their robust composite and aluminum construction engineered to withstand marine conditions. An efficient solar panel and charging system combined with long lasting LED lights provide a low maintenance lighting solution.

Convenience features and included installation hardware complete the package, providing bright reliable lighting without wires or high costs. The durable and versatile design has made Volisun dock lights a popular choice for docks, boats, decks and more anywhere light is needed by the water’s edge.

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