Fast Food Market Report Share and Growth 2024-2030

According to Renub Research, the Global Fast Food Market is anticipated to reach approximately US$ 1,075.83 Billion by 2030. Fast food products are designed for quick service, targeting time-saving and convenience. Rapid industrialization and urbanization worldwide serve as primary drivers for market expansion. Moreover, the rising disposable income of consumers is expected to bolster market growth further during the forecast period. Major fast-food industry players prioritize operational efficiency to reduce costs and enhance profitability.


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Investments in technology and automation aim to streamline processes, while marketing and advertising efforts aim to amplify brand visibility globally. These combined efforts are forecasted to propel market growth. The proliferation of restaurants and hotels, driven by accelerated globalization, is expected to fuel the expansion of the fast food market. Additionally, consumers’ growing health consciousness and heightened demand for nutritious yet flavorful food contribute to market growth. However, concerns regarding the health implications of fast food consumption, including weight gain and obesity, pose significant challenges to market advancement.


Consequently, there’s been a shift towards fast casual dining options. Despite these challenges, the fast food market continues to evolve due to the increasing demand for on-the-go snacks, convenient meals, and ready-to-eat options spurred by the busy lifestyles of millennials and the global workforce. The rise in consumer spending on dining out, coupled with higher employment rates worldwide, facilitates more accessible access to on-the-go cuisine, ultimately fostering the global expansion of the fast food industry.


The global fast food market, reaching US$ 750.45 billion in 2023, is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 5.28% from 2024 to 2030


Rapid industrialization, urbanization, and increasing disposable income contribute to this growth. The rising demand for ready-to-eat food and beverages further boosts the global fast food market. Expansion in the food and beverage industry also supports market growth. Additionally, the adoption of online sales channels, mainly through e-commerce platforms by restaurants and hotels, fosters the development of the global fast food market during the forecast period.


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The burger/sandwich segment will hold a significant share



Burgers and sandwiches command a substantial share of the global fast-food market. Renowned for their convenience and variety, these iconic food items appeal to consumers worldwide, making them a cornerstone of the fast food industry. With many flavors, toppings, and fillings, burgers and sandwiches cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Their enduring popularity and widespread availability across fast food chains and restaurants solidify their position as key players in the market. As consumer demand for quick, satisfying meals rises, burgers and sandwiches remain favored, driving their significant share in the global fast food market.



The Quick Service Restaurant segment is widely recognized as one of the prominent segments within the fast-food industry.


The QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) segment is prominent in the fast food market. Known for their efficient service and convenient dining experience, QSRs are favored by consumers seeking quick, on-the-go meals. These establishments offer a diverse menu of popular food items and cater to various tastes and preferences. With their emphasis on speed and accessibility, QSRs have become a staple dining choice for individuals with busy lifestyles. Their widespread presence in urban areas and strategic locations further contributes to their popularity, making the QSR segment a key player in the fast food market.


The fast food industry in the United States has held a commanding position in the global market.


Major players in the fast food industry assert dominance in the United States market, propelled by substantial demand from the working population. With busy schedules and limited time for meal preparation, consumers often turn to fast food as a convenient dining option. This trend has led to the establishment of numerous fast-food chains nationwide, offering a wide variety of quick and affordable meal choices. As a result, these leading players enjoy significant market share and continue shaping the fast food industry landscape in the United States.


Key Players


Starbucks Corp., Papa John’s International Inc., Domino’s Pizza Inc., The Wendy’s Co., Performance Food Group, Yum! Brands, Inc., Restaurant Brands International Inc., and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) operate within the global fast food market.


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Product Types – Global Fast Food Market breakup in 6 viewpoints:


  1. Pizza/Pasta
  2. Burger/Sandwich
  3. Chicken
  4. Asian/Latin American Food
  5. Seafood
  6. Others


End-Users – Global Fast Food Market breakup in 4 viewpoints:


  1. Quick Service Restaurants
  2. Fast Casual Restaurants
  3. Catering
  4. Others


Countries – Global Fast Food Market breakup in 25 viewpoints:


  1.  North America

1.1 United States

1.2 Canada


  1.  Europe

2.1 France

2.2 Germany

2.3 Italy

2.4 Spain

2.5 United Kingdom

2.6 Belgium

2.7 Netherlands

2.8 Turkey


  1.  Asia Pacific

3.1 China

3.2 Japan

3.3 India

3.4 South Korea

3.5 Thailand

3.6 Malaysia

3.7 Indonesia

3.8 Australia

3.9 New Zealand



Latin America

4.1 Brazil

4.2 Mexico

4.3 Argentina


  1.  Middle East & Africa

5.1 Saudi Arabia

5.2 UAE

5.3 South Africa


All the Key players have been covered from 3 Viewpoints:


  • Overview
  • Recent Development
  • Revenue Analysis


Company Analysis:


  1. Starbucks Corp.
  2. Papa John’s International Inc.
  3. Domino’s Pizza Inc.
  4. The Wendys Co.
  5. Performance Food Group
  6. Yum! Brands, Inc.
  7. Restaurant Brands International Inc.
  8. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)


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