Do You Know How to Use a Fogger?

So you want to control the mold in your home with a mold fogger. But do you know how to use it properly?

Mold is an ever-present issue in many homes, and sometimes, it can be a problem for many homeowners. Sometimes the issue can be environmental, as the home’s location can be in an area where there is high humidity, or where the presence of large bodies of water causes water damage for many residents.

But no matter how serious the mold problem, there is a way to manage it without causing too much damage to your property or health. One way to do so is to add a mold fogger as part of your mold control strategy.

Mold Foggers
Mold foggers are equipment that use anti mold solution to mist an area to minimize moldy odors, and neutralize mycotoxins and mold spores present in the air. They can be used in homes and offices, and use a fan that disperses the anti mold solution into fine particles in the air. The mist from a fogger covers a larger area than spraying would, and the mist is also spread more evenly on any surface.

If you are a homeowner but would like to take control of the mold prevention in your home, a mold fogger that uses ultra low volume (ULV) fogging is the best for non-professional cleaners. ULV fogging produces small droplets as the solution is blown through the nozzle of the fan.

An electrostatic fogger uses the same approach, but makes the droplets in the mist more adherent to the dust and mold particles in the air, ensuring that all particles are dealt with properly, including mycotoxins and spores.

Foggers are ideal for many homeowners as they are easy to use, and do not drench the home or any room in an anti mold solution, as when you use a spray. Instead, the solution becomes a fine mist when a fogger is used.

This makes it a cost-effective anti mold strategy, as you use less of the solution but can cover more areas. Also, it can penetrate through some surfaces and lingers long after the fogging is done. If you are using a solution that is all natural and organic, this is no problem as some solutions are nontoxic to humans and pets.

And for most homeowners, these are enough reasons to use an electric mold fogger to manage mold growth indoors.

Where Can You Use Mold Foggers?
Now you might think that you can use a fogger anywhere in your house. However, there are precautions and limitations when using one. A mold fogger is ideal for use indoors with large spaces. This includes large rooms, basements, attics, and new homes.

The area that a mold fogger can cover is approximately 1,400 square feet per gallon, or a 20 ft. by 20 ft. room with 8 ft. ceilings. Foggers are not ideal to use in small spaces, such as closets, counters shelves, cabinets, or tables. Using it in an enclosed space might not be best for the equipment, so it’s best to use in a large enough area.

Make Your Home Mold-free
Your home is vulnerable to many things, and mold is only one of them. You need regular cleaning, maintenance, and upkeep to ensure that everything in your house is free from damage, so you don’t have to worry about mold growing in areas where you might not see them.

And one way to do so is to know how to properly use an anti mold fogger. It’s the game changer that will make your mold remediation strategy effective and lasting.

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