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Dangerous reasons why travel insurance is crucial

So you’ve been planning for your first ever life trip to any foreign country or visit often. Now you have heard about travel insurance and are wondering whether you should get one or not. Well, the straight answer is definitely yes because trouble never informs you when it comes. You could get into trouble, or any type of accident could happen that you may not be prepared to pay for. It could be thousands of dollars. How would you even pay that amount when you’ve hardly accumulated money for your trip? Let’s talk more about why travel insurance is important.

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What if you lose your baggage?

Have you ever even imagined what will happen if you lose your baggage when you land into your destination country? Or you baggage gets lost or stolen? What will happen? Your trip will be ruined completely in that condition and you won’t have those necessary stuff you need for your trip. Plus, you may not have any budget to buy either. Well, you literally don’t wanna get into that disastrous condition in the first place.

That’s why you need travel insurance, where your baggage expenses will be covered in case you lose your baggage or it gets stolen. If you get into that condition, the travel insurance can save you!

Medical emergencies…

As we discussed, you could get into any other medical condition during your travel. This could be your accident while you drive your rental car. You may go to a hospital, and most foreign hospitals want upfront payment before they even start to treat. In that condition, your medical expenses will be paid, and you’ll have peace of mind.

The trip cancellation and no refund

Now, picture this: you planned a trip, and it’s time to go, but any emergency situation can happen. You might have a sudden death, or you may have to cancel due to any emergency reason. Now, in that case, you may not even be getting a refund from the airline according to their policies. So you may have paid hundreds of dollars, and they all will be ruined. Thanks to travel insurance, you can surely be covered in that condition as well. This is a disastrous condition; if you are covered in that, isn’t travel insurance worth it?

What if you cause damage to someone?

Now you’re in a foreign land. What is happening? You’re driving the rental car and hit someone. In that case, you will be sued by the law, and they may require you to pay compensation for the loss. It could even be that you could cause big damage to any rental thing there that you don’t own. Well, luckily, you’re also going to be paid to pay the kinds of compensation you may never be able to pay.

Payment for your loss of half trip

This one is more important. Let’s again imagine that you’re on a trip, and all of a sudden, you can cancel your trip in half. You’ll lose all the benefits and bookings of the expensive trip you book. It could even be an expensive cruise you booked. Who’ll pay for all that? But what if you get paid for it, too? Well, it’s possible with the travel insurance. You can easily get paid for the loss of the half trip with your travel insurance.

There could be other emergencies

This one is rare emergency but it can still happens and who knows? Now, if you are in that foreign country, but it turns out that there is a natural disaster, a sudden war, or something. And then you need to be evacuated or something. Or there was an emergency situation at the resort you were going to, and you couldn’t go. In these kinds of cases, you’ll all be covered with travel insurance.

Missed flights

So nothing kind of emergency happened, no loss or something, but if you make a mistake? What if you miss your flight and all the trip costs and airline costs are gone? The law can compensate you in that situation and paid so you can book again. But you will lose your money and there won’t be any courage without insurance.

Wrap Up

Now, these are the types of travel insurance, but remember that when you invest in travel insurance, you’ll have to choose which one you want. There are two types of travel insurance; one is domestic, which will cover all these situations for the trips within your country.

The other is international, which will cover these situations in international countries. But remember that most insurance might not cover all these situations and only cover one type of situation, like medical emergencies.

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