A Clever Way to Combine Many vCard (VCF) Files Into One

Do you want to combine many vCard files into one? Are you trying to find a quick way to get this activity done quickly and effectively? If so, you might be able to discover the solution in this blog article. To find out how to combine or merge many vCard (VCF) files into one, read this article through to the conclusion.

Many people would rather save their personal and professional connections digitally. Users can employ two different formats to assist them with this task: vCard and VCF files.

VCard/VCF files enable users to easily and safely save key contacts with all of their information on their digital devices. Users can quickly save one or more contacts with details such as first and last name, email address, phone number, home address, company address, etc. within vCard or VCF files.

How come vCard Files Need to be Merged?

Users can benefit from the vCard file merging procedure in several ways. The following are some of the primary causes:

  • To handle every contact from a single file or place and to store contacts. 
  • Transferring contacts across several VCF files can be a challenging and time-consuming task. This is the reason why some users would rather merge several vCards into a single file.

A Clever Way to Combine Many vCard (VCF) Files Into One

It is challenging to manually merge or combine many vCard files into a single VCF file. Therefore, using an automated program is advised to complete this work.

The program known as GainTools vCard Merge Tool is the best choice now accessible for users to Join/unite Many vCard (VCF) Files into a Single File. All users can effortlessly combine an infinite number of vCard files into a single file, including all contact details, by using the Address Book Manager Software.

Users can also benefit from other additional capabilities with this utility, which will speed up and increase the reliability of the vCard file merging process.

How can I use the GainTools Address Book Manager to combine vCard and VCF files?

  • Open the Address Book Manager application on your PC after downloading it.
select import export contacts

  • Choose the “Merge vCard” radio button from the first screen, then click Next.
  • After that, pick one of the following options to import and select a vCard file
  • Choose Several VCF Files: Selectively import VCF files, one at a time, from several places.
choose file format

  • Choose a folder containing many VCF files: Select the folder that has many VCF files in it, then import them all at once.
  • Select folders or VCF files, then import the required vCard files into the application.
  • Next, choose a destination directory for the combined files by clicking the Browse option.
  • In order to begin the process of combining vCard and VCF files, click the Merge vCard button.
click next button

All vCard files will be quickly combined into a single file by the program. The application will display a window with a process completion message after the vCard file merging procedure is finished. You can quickly access your combined vCard file with any compatible program by just closing the window.

The Software’s Innovative Specifications:

  • With a few easy clicks, combine or merge many vCard files into one file.
  • Using the program, choose folders holding several vCard files to combine them all at once.
  • One by one, choose and import vCard files into the program to begin the merging process.
  • Once processes have been merged, save or preserve the output files in the chosen place.
  • Allows users to divide and convert vCard VCF files as well.
  • Combine vCard and VCF files produced by any compatible program.
  • Functions with all Windows versions, including the most recent Windows 11 version.

In a Brief

Many individuals wish to combine many vCard files into one file, but doing it manually might present several challenges. We thus wrote this blog post to address the user’s issue. To quickly combine numerous vCard files into one file, just use the vCard Merging program and adhere to the preceding instructions. Now download and give the trial version a try. Users can use this software on all Windows OS Versions without hurdle.

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