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CA Course Details After 12th: How to Become a CA

Chartered Accountancy (CA) is an unparalleled profession of excellence and expertise at the forefront of commerce and finance. Boasting rigorous coursework, an esteemed reputation, and promising career prospects, the CA course has quickly become an attractive career option among students eager to make an impression in finance. For those just entering this journey directly out of high school, understanding all the CA Course Details after the 12th is vital. Let’s delve deeper into its intricacies as we explore its path leading towards becoming a Chartered Accountant!

Understanding the CA Course Details:

The CA course in India is administered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), an official regulatory body responsible for setting standards, conducting exams, and overseeing this profession. For admission into this course, you must pursue three levels: Foundation, Intermediate, and Final Level. You will appear for the exam as per the CA New Scheme.
Foundation Course: This initial stage of CA course enrollment is open to students who have successfully passed either an examination conducted by an Indian examination body authorized under law or one recognized by the Central Government as equivalent thereof.
Intermediate Course: Once students complete either a Foundation Course or graduate/postgraduate in commerce with specific percentages, they can register for our Intermediate Course, which comprises two groups with four papers in each group.
Final Course: To enrol in this final step of CA study, students must complete both groups of six papers on the Intermediate Course and undergo Articleship training over an established period. To secure entry to this stage of learning, all prerequisite coursework must first have been fulfilled successfully in the Intermediate and Inter level. Then, you need to clear the CA Final exams, and then you get the ICAI membership.

Eligibility Criteria for CA Course After 12th:

To enrol in CA studies after their 12th-grade exams, students must satisfy certain eligibility requirements. The CA Course Details are as follows:

CA Foundation Course

A student must have passed a 10th and 12th examination governed by Indian law or recognized by its central government and register with the Board of Studies. Then, you can sit for the Foundation course. If you wish to crack the exam in the first attempt, you can take CA Foundation Coaching.

CA Intermediate Course:

To register for this CA course, one must complete either the Foundation Course or a graduation/postgraduate degree from an approved university. They should also check the minimum percentage required to enrol for the CA Intercourse.

Here are the CA Course Details for the registration procedure:

  • Foundation Course Registration: Students who appear in their 10th examination can register for a foundation course online through the ICAI website. They must submit the necessary documents and registration fees.
  • Intermediate Course Registration: After successfully passing their Foundation Course or graduating/postgraduate from any stream with certain percentages, students can register for the Intermediate Course via registration processes similar to those of the Foundation. The registration procedure remains similar.
  • Registration as Articled Assistants: After passing either or both groups of the Intermediate Course, students must register themselves as articled assistants with a practising Chartered Accountant for three years as articled assistants.
  • Registration for the Final Course: Students who successfully complete both an Intermediate Course and an Articleship training period are eligible to register for the Final Course.

Preparation Strategy for CA Examinations:

Now that you understand the CA Course Details, the next step is how to prepare and clear the exams. Acing CA exams requires hard work, strategic thinking and disciplined execution. So here are a few strategies for excelling after the 12th:

  • Understand the Syllabus: Be familiar with the CA syllabus and exam pattern to efficiently plan your study timetable.
  • Study Regularly: Designate specific study time slots for each subject area and adhere to an organized study routine.
  • Practice Papers: Solving past years’ papers, mock tests, and practice questions is essential. This will allow you to assess your preparation level while developing problem-solving capabilities. You can find essential CA Course details like exam structure, syllabus, question type, etc.
  • Seek Guidance: Register in coaching classes or seek guidance from experienced CAs. This will help you clarify questions and gain deeper insights into complex subjects.
  • Stay Current: Use relevant study materials and publications to stay informed of the latest changes, notifications, and developments in accounting and finance.
  • Revision is key: Revisit key concepts and topics frequently. So this will deepen your understanding and retain information more efficiently.

Career Options for Graduates of CA Course:

Completing CA coursework opens many professional possibilities to CA graduates. You can work for established audit firms and financial institutions to multinational corporations. Moreover, you can also start your own practice as an independent consultant/tax advisor. CA graduates have many avenues open to them upon graduating their course!
Also, as globalization opens new horizons in the finance landscape, demand for qualified CAs continues to surge both domestically and globally. This is all about the career after CA Course Details.


After the 12th, the CA course provides an invaluable and fulfilling pathway into finance and accounting careers. From understanding its details, eligibility requirements, registration process, examination structure and preparation strategy you can easily plan your career. So, if achieving this prestigious designation is your aim – seize this chance to embark upon this rewarding and prosperous journey. Check and verify all the CA Course Details from ICAI’s official website.

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