Inspiring Winter Wedding Ideas

9 Inspiring Winter Wedding Ideas to Add Warmth and Charm

Does a winter wedding sound magical? Sure it does, when you leverage the winter floral themes or the seasonal themes. You can have the best celebrations at the frostiest time of the year. So, are you ready to deck the halls of your wedding venue? Go for the merriest of ideas to inspire the soiree and the guests.

1. Venue is Priority

Choosing a venue is undoubtedly one of the priorities to consider as the wedding theme. However, when it’s a winter wedding, you need to think about a space that will protect the guests from the cold. Do you want to replicate a barn design yet keep it looking attractive and picturesque?  For a December wedding, you may prefer an enchanting backdrop for the ceremony with holiday lights to display and make the ceremony truly magical. Explore the best reception halls in Houston before you get going with the décor ideas.

2. Retro Wedding

There is nothing more interesting than transporting the guests to a past decade. Yes, you heard it right. Many of the invitees may have already lived those times, so the wedding soiree would be like a retro holiday party. For food, you may have meatballs, cheese fondue, or pineapple cake and get a Christmas tree made from silver and aluminum with vintage ads of the yesteryears. Don’t forget the vintage Santa mugs filled with candy ribbons. Before using the theme find out which reception halls in Houston have a good track record of hosting retro wedding parties.

3. Use Twinkle Lights

Fair lights transform any venue, so get the most out of it to add zeal to your winter wedding celebrations. But you can change the indoor and outdoor lighting this time and go for sparkling twinkle lights to set the tone for the wedding event. Dangle them from the ceiling or use them as table lights. Choosing a winter scene based on Narnia is another option to try. For that, you need to string lights with the trees.

4. Less is More

Yes, minimalism has been a trend for a long and is expected to stay longer if you know how to do things right. A simple bouquet may do the talking and stand out as one of the richest décor ideas of the winter wedding.

5. Include Modern Accents

Have you been searching for the best wedding venues in Houston to host the occasion?  Not many couples may be keen to host a winter wedding. So, you can pick a spacious venue to mix the traditional elements with modern accents to add warmth to the winter wedding décor. Accordingly, you may blend rustic wooden tables and match them with acrylic chairs to add a hint of modernity. Apart from this, you can order a cake with modern elements featuring geometric designs to balance the traditional elements.

6. Create a Hot Chocolate Bar

For a unique touch, set up a hot chocolate bar at your winter wedding. Guests can enjoy customizing their drinks with peppermint sticks, homemade marshmallows, and whipped cream. Find an affordable reception hall in Houston, TX to make your dream wedding a reality.

7. Create a Swanky Entrance

No matter how many banquet halls in Houston, TX you explore to hire for your wedding, dig deep for extraordinary ideas to decorate the aisle leading to the wedding area. You may think about sprawling greenery or white and pink roses to do up the entrance or focus on curtains shaped like flower petals to reveal the entrance.

8. Blend Outdoor and Indoor Décor in the Venue

Plan your winter wedding indoors with tents, fire pits, and cozy greenery at Azul Reception Hall in Houston. Create the perfect ambiance with artificial snow for a magical celebration.

9. Create a Picturesque Backdrop

Create your dream winter wedding backdrop with charming garlands, greenery, and string lights at Azul Reception Hall in Houston. Add festive touches for a magical soirée.

Getting a charming decoration for the winter wedding is one of the benefits of tying the knot in winter. You can feel inspired by different themes and transform the venue if you are getting married in the holidays.

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