What are the major Glaucoma Treatment Options?

Glaucoma is the eye condition in which you experience blindness. Glaucoma is the situation which is known as the “silent thief of the eyesight”. This happened due to the damaged nerve, which is linked to the pressure. This damage to the nerve happens when the nerve is under pressure. The most common type of Glaucoma is open-angle Glaucoma, in which you experience sudden vision loss rather than gradual loss of vision. The proper cure for Glaucoma has not been discovered yet. But, there are some Glaucoma treatment options that aim at lowering intraocular pressure or slowing down the vision loss process at the best eye hospital in Ludhiana.


Types of Glaucoma: There are basically four types of Glaucoma 

  • Open angle Glaucoma: It is one of the most common and serious conditions of Glaucoma. In this condition the blockage happens in the eye’s drainage canal due to which liquid starts to pile up and start putting pressure on the eye nerve which is connected to the brain. In this condition you experience sudden eyesight loss because it doesn’t show any kind of prior symptoms.


  • Closed angle Glaucoma: It is also known as narrow angle glaucoma. In this condition the space between the iris and cornea becomes narrow which blocks eye drainage canal and increases the pressure of liquid on the nerve and causes vision loss. 


  • Normal tension Glaucoma: It is the condition when the optic nerve gets harmed even when the pressure on the eyes is normal. THe reason behind the normal tension glaucoma is not certain. But it is found to happen more in Asian people. 


  • Congenital Glaucoma: This type of Glaucoma happens in babies. When your kid is born with a damaged eye drainage canal, or the drainage canal doesn’t form properly in the womb, then the baby faces the problem of Glaucoma. 


Glaucoma Treatment Options

Some of the Glaucoma treatment options at the best eye hospital in Phagwara are: 

  • Medications: The two types of medications that come in the form of eye drops for treating Glaucoma are alpha-adrenergic agonists and carbonic anhydrase inhibitors. In alpha-adrenergic agonists help reduce the aqueous humor produced in the eyes. Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors are also used to decrease fluid production in the eyes. 


  • Oral Medication: It is prescribed in a situation in which eye drops prescribed by the doctors don’t give the required results. Then, your doctor may suggest oral medicine such as carbonic anhydrase inhibitors.


  • Laser Therapy: In laser therapy, a small hole in the iris is made to improve the flow of liquidity in narrow glaucoma conditions. It helps drain fluid from the eyes and reduces pressure.


  • Surgery: To treat Glaucoma, trabeculectomy surgery is done, which helps reduce the pressure on the eye. In this surgery glaucoma drainage device is inserted in the eyes which enhances the outward flow of watery substance and reduces the pressure on the eyes.


  • Combination Therapy: Combination therapy means in which different types of therapies are done to achieve the purpose of reducing intraocular pressure.


  • Lifestyle and dietary changes: In the case of Glaucoma, medication and other types of treatments are not enough. Managing a good lifestyle and healthy diet is important to control glaucoma condition. It is advised to avoid heavy weightlifting, which can increase the pressure on the eye or any other kind of heavy activity.


So these are some of the best options for treatment for Glaucoma conditions. For more detailed information or treatment procedures regarding Glaucoma or any other condition, such as cataract surgery in Punjab, it is advisable to consult a good eye doctor.

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