Introducing the CFR F1/F2 Octane Rating Unit: Unleash the Potential

Welcome to the world of fuel testing and development, where precision, reliability, and ease of use are paramount. At CFR Engines Inc., we take pride in our legacy of over 90 years, setting the gold standard for accuracy, reliability, and user-friendliness with our CFR F1/F2 Octane Rating Unit.

Setting the Benchmark: Gold Standard for Fuel Testing

The CFR F1/F2 octane rating engines are unrivaled when it comes to assessing fuels according to international benchmarks such as ASTM D2699 for Research Octane Number and ASTM D2700 for Motor Octane Number. Our commitment to establishing and upholding global standards in the fuel testing domain is unwavering.

Confidence in a Comprehensive Fuel Testing System

Our complete octane fuel testing system comprises meticulously designed components that seamlessly integrate to deliver reliable results. Whether you opt for a complete unit, an upgrade/conversion kit, or a genuine CFR service part, rest assured that our products are crafted, manufactured, and rigorously tested to function as an integrated solution for your operations.

Data Integrity with XCP Technology

The XCP Digital Control Panel takes data integrity to a new level by automatically capturing crucial information for each rating and presenting it in a user-friendly Excel-based report. This reduces the risk of manual recording errors and seamlessly integrates into Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS).

Reliability of Proven Design

With a legacy stretching back to 1929, our products have been the bedrock of reliability for thousands of users. Components such as the robust engine crankcase and cylinder/head are engineered for unparalleled operating life.

Precision through Modern Instrument Control

Equipped with XCP Technology, our Octane Rating Unit employs digital instrumentation to record and process critical aspects of system operation and performance. This ensures accurate and dependable measurements.

Cost Savings with One System Flexibility

Our system offers unmatched flexibility and cost savings, allowing users to effortlessly switch between different test procedures outlined in ASTM Methods D2699 or D2700 from a single system.

Elevate Your Fuel Testing Game with CFR: Experience Innovation and Excellence

At CFR Engines Inc., we remain committed to ongoing research and development to meet the ever-changing needs of the automotive and petroleum industries. When you choose CFR, you’re not just investing in cutting-edge technology; you’re choosing a legacy of reliability that stands the test of time.

Join the CFR Revolution: Experience Precision, Reliability, and Ease of Use

Now is the time to join the revolution in fuel testing capabilities with CFR. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your fuel testing game with precision control, cost savings through flexibility, and unparalleled support from our team.

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