How To Decide The Right Time To Remove A Tree

Trees often begin to become a problem due to many factors, which makes it difficult to determine the right time for their removal with the help of tree removal Brisbane. The factors include the cost of tree work and even the emotional ties that prevent you from deciding the right time to remove it.

  • Trees that are dying in a natural area where they do not pose any harm to the property, as well as the people around, can be allowed to stay in place without human intervention. This is also because the dead trees become a place for various species, such as woodpeckers or other wildlife animals, to find food and shelter. 
  • On the other hand, trees that are hazardous and can damage property and cause harm to people due to structural defects require instant attention. The condition of the trees should be assessed by a certified arborist. Removing some trees can be a troublesome task, even for professionals. Therefore, locals are advised to stay away from the tree and let professional palm tree removal Brisbane do the job. 


Question To Ask While Deciding To Remove A Tree

Is A Desirable Species?

There can be some undesirable species that you may want to get removed from your area, such as black locust, Siberian elm, box elder, etc. The characteristics that make a tree undesirable include weak wood with high chances of frequent breakage, often dropping large quantities of debris, shallow roots that damage the lawn as well as the pavement, and infestation of diseases or insects specific to the species of the tree.  


How Healthy Is The Tree?

The removal of a tree by professional tree removal Gold Coast also depends upon the health of the tree. If the tree is damaged more than 50%, then it should be removed. Trees with declining health can survive for years. However, their growth will always be limited or abnormal.  Trees damaged by herbicides have frequent misshapen leaves, but they can also recover frequently. 


Is The Trunk Damaged?

There can be several damages signifying internal decay, such as cracks, seams, dead branch stubs, older wounds, etc. If the damage to the trunk is severe, it usually calls for a tree removal by palm tree removal Brisbane. However, if the damaged area only expands to 25% of the tree’s trunk, the wound may be able to heal gradually.


Is The Tree Hollow?

Many trees have the ability to live for years, even with a hollow trunk, because the life-supporting tissues, the xylem, and phloem of the tree are present on the outer edge of the trunk. However, the issue arises due to the possibility of the compromised strength of the tree, making it hazardous for its surroundings. To make a decision on tree removal, in this case, one must check if one-third of the tree interior is hollow or rotten. The tree should be removed if it is in this condition.


Are There Large Dead Branches?

Large trees with broken tops or large damaged limbs are hazardous for the people and the property. If the damage branes are less than 25%, then the tree will most likely survive. It is essential to remove the crossed or rubbing branches. The narrow branch angles, especially connected to the main trunk, are split and should be managed. The best time to do it is when the tree is young. Make sure to consult a professional palm tree removal company Brisbane to manage the narrow branches of the tree. 


Are All The Dead Branches Only On One Side Of The Tree?

This can make the tree lopsided and pose a potential danger. Branches that are dead and are all on one side of the tree can signify damage to the root or the trunk on the affected side. These types of trees need to be removed by professional tree removal Gold Coast


Are There Sprouts Rising From The Base Of The Tree?

The sprouts rising through the base of the tree are an effect of stress that indicates that there is something wrong with the tree’s condition. This happens when the tree experiences a recent new home construction injury, excessive exposure to the sun or soil compaction. Get the tree assessed to determine its removal with the help of professional tree removal Gold Coast


These are some of the questions that can help you determine whether it is the right time to remove the tree or not. Tree removal shall only be considered if it poses harm to the property or the people. It shall be assessed by a professional company for palm tree removal Brisbane before initiating the removal process. 

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