How to become a Salesforce Consulting Partner?


Multiple Organisations around the globe have begun to recognize the importance of Salesforce, and the demand for a Salesforce consulting partner is also rapidly increasing. Based on the report from Forbes, the consulting industry is now worth $100 billion per year and is expected to increase at least 80% per year over the next coming years. So in case you are a Salesforce professional who aspires to take the next step and build a Consulting company, the blog will help you understand the tips and guide you to efficiently start your own and enjoy the benefits that come along.

Moreover, you can undergo Salesforce admin training and certification or Salesforce developer training, if you desire to become any one of them successfully. The article will further let you know about Salesforce partners, Why should you be a Salesforce partner, and How to become a Salesforce consulting partner?

Let’s dig into the article step by step,

What do you understand about the Salesforce Partner?

A Salesforce Consulting partner is usually a consulting firm i.e. authorised by Salesforce officials to develop and offer multiple custom solutions, integrations, and project implementations successfully. It includes industry-related experts who are trained to offer professional advice, guidance, actionable solutions, and unique expertise across various Salesforce products, industries, and system integrations.

Why should you be a Salesforce Partner?

Currently, there are around 1843+ Salesforce consulting organisations around the globe, and approx. 150,000 organisations utilise the platform. This year, Salesforce has reportedly got its highest revenue ever at a massive amount of 21.25 billion dollars, which means demand for its secure, scalable cloud platform is enhanced. 

Millions of organisations seek salesforce, which is why they have become the renowned CRM enterprise. Salesforce even stated that their partners lead 70% of customer implementations and 86% of their customers utilise applications and solutions offered by the latter.

Along with this, the demand for Salesforce admin and Salesforce developer job profiles has also enhanced. To achieve any of the desired positions you are required to follow the Salesforce Admin Career Path thoroughly.

How to become a salesforce consulting partner?

Being a Salesforce partner includes a series of steps and needs to establish a formal relationship with Salesforce and obtain access to their resources, tools, and support. Here are the steps for becoming a Salesforce partner:


  • Understand Salesforce Partnership levels – Salesforce has multiple partner program levels, comprising registered, Silver, gold, premium, and global strategic partners. Each tier comes with its own set of concerns and benefits. Understand the difference between these salesforce partnership levels to understand your goals.
  • Register yourself as a partner – You can register yourself on the community website as a partner. This is the first step to joining the salesforce partnership program.
  • Meet your basic requirements – Relying on the tier you want to achieve, you need to meet your basic requirements, like revenue targets, certifications, and customer references.
  • Salesforce Certifications – To be a partner you need to gain any specific Salesforce certifications, including Salesforce administrator, Salesforce Developer, and Salesforce consultant Certifications. To earn any of them you need to go a salesforce admin career path thoroughly.
  • Enhance Expertise – You should focus on building expertise in relevant salesforce products or services, like as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, or other salesforce offerings.
  • Generate Sales and Customer Success – Indicating successful sales and executions of Salesforce solutions is important to becoming a Salesforce partner.
  • Customer References – Offer Salesforce with a customer reference who can confirm the quality of your services and your ability to implement Salesforce solutions productively.
  • Generate your partnership strategy – Define your partnership strategy, comprising the type of customers you desire to target, your sales and marketing perspective, and the value you can add as a partner is crucial.
  • Applying, approval, and onboarding – After applying on the official website of Salesforce you will have to wait for the approval from the officials then you will further go through the onboarding process, which comprises access to partner resources, training, and support.
  • Commitment – You should be thoroughly committed to Salesforce partnership program terms and sustain compliance with program needs to keep your partnership status.

Many candidates have questions like Is Salesforce admin a good career?

Well, to answer that you can go through Salesforce Admin Training Certification to understand every detail related to the role. This will allow you to choose your profession wisely.


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