Checklist For Hassle-free Office Relocation

Office shifting is as daunting and time-consuming as shifting to a new home. Although it is overwhelming, it can be done easily with the right strategy and plans. For office shifting, you need to relocate to a new place and shift all the office equipment and furniture to your new place. For this, you can hire movers and packers who can help with the shifting of furniture and other delicate essentials. Besides this, you need to hire a skip bin in Brisbane to collect all the debris and dispose of it effectively with the help of skip bin providers. 


When shifting to a new place, all the equipment, furniture and items are packed. While doing so, a lot of debris is also collected, such as electronic waste, general waste, wooden waste and more. It is important to ensure effective disposal of all these waste materials. Thus, you should hire a skip bin provider that provides comprehensive waste disposal services. To ensure a smooth office relocation, this article includes a checklist with steps such as hiring a skip bin in Brisbane, transporting furniture, and more. This checklist will act as a blueprint for shifting and help you in relocating easily.

Office Relocation Checklist

Follow this checklist to make your office relocation hassle-free:

Audit Your Inventory

The first thing you must do is take stock of your inventory. Make a list of your inventory and note down all the items and supplies. It will help you keep track of your inventory and ensure that nothing is missing. 


Authorise a team of two or three employees and give them the responsibility of auditing the inventory. They will be responsible for noting the inventory during the pickup, loading in the truck, and shifting the stock to a new place. 


Once the stock is shifted to the new place, it must be cross-checked again to ensure all the items of the stock are in place and to note down any items lost, destroyed, or damaged during transportation. 

Organise Skip Bin

The next step is to organise a skip bin. You must contact the best skip bin provider company for skip bin hire in Brisbane. When relocating or shifting, a lot of waste is collected; hence, having a skip bin will make it easier for you to dispose of the waste in a timely and effective manner. 

Whether it is electronic waste from old PCs, cables, CDs, wooden waste from old desks, or expired items from the office pantry, a skip bin can help dispose of all this type of waste. Make sure you hire skip bins according to the type of waste that needs to be disposed of, as not all waste can go in skip bins. For effective waste disposal, you need to put different waste in different bins. Hence, organise a skip bin as per your requirement. 

Shift Furniture

Another important task is to shift the furniture. For this, you can hire movers and packers; they pack the items carefully and deliver them to the destination. You must keep a thorough check on the items that need to be transported and ensure that they do not get damaged. The things that need to be disposed of must be thrown in the skip bin


You can also take soil waste removal services in Brisbane services, especially if your office is open or if you need to dispose of soil waste. Once the furniture is transported, unpack the items and place them according to your requirements. Make sure you double-check all the items transported to ensure that they are not damaged or destroyed during the transportation. 

Clean-Up The Office

Once all the items are picked from the office and it is completely empty, you can hire professional cleaners to clean up the office space. It is important to clean the space, especially if you took it on lease or rent. Even during cleaning, soil waste disposal services could help with the proper disposal of waste. Once the office is cleaned, you are done and can now fully shift and relocate to your new office. 


Office shifting or relocation can also be done easily if you have a proper plan and strategy. The article entails an office relocation checklist that can help make your relocation hassle-free. You need to get a skip bin for soil waste removal in Brisbane, audit your inventory, shift the furniture, and get done with the office clean-up. All these steps are crucial for effective and hassle-free office relocation. 

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