A Complete Guide To Choose The Best Bed Base 

Many of us extensively study mattress types before purchasing a new bed, but we frequently overlook the significance of choosing a quality bed base. Though it forms the basis of sleep support and adds to your interiors’ overall beauty and feel, the foundation of your sleep sanctuary is just as vital as its soft surface.

To find the ideal bed base for your boudoir, we examine a variety of options, from the ever-popular divan to the (better) slatted variety. We have got you covered if you are looking for the best bed base. In this article, we have jotted down different kinds of mattresses to use on a bed base. Here we go!

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What Type of Mattress Will You Use on the Bed Base?

Understanding the mattress with which you will use the foundation is the first thing you should do before delving into the hundreds or even thousands of alternatives available for king bed bases.

There are a few basic guidelines that you must follow. Although almost all mattresses fit almost any type of base, their feel will differ greatly—especially if you choose the incorrect base style for your preferred feel.

Mattresses for bed bases fall into two main groups. These are the following:

  • High-end pocket-sprung mattresses and
  • Memory Foam, Latex or Hybrid foam mattresses

There are four main types of mattress bases you will be choosing from:

  1. Divan Bases

Of all bed bases NZ, divan bases are the most popular and widely available. They are designed to support the weight of mattresses and give you a smooth, level surface to sleep on. High-quality divans have drawers to add additional storage and are durable, well-built, and solid. Perched only an inch or two above the floor, they conceal the problem of “what is that under the bed?”

  1. Slatted Bases, Bedsteads & King Bed Frames

A large range of bed base types are covered by bedstead/bed frame mattress bases. They can offer a significantly wider variety of designs and styles than divan bases. For those who value style above storage in their bedrooms, these are ideal for fans of interior design.

They cover everything, including roll-top bases, antique brass frames, sleigh beds, hardwood, metal, and elaborate queen size bed frame. However, they all have one thing in common: Nearly all of them have slatted bases, and they are all frames on which the mattress rests. Most bedstead bases will have a united headboard and footboard in one form or another.

  1. Ottoman Bed Bases

Ottoman bases provide the most storage space for a bed foundation while requiring the least amount of room. With an ottoman base’s hinged lifting top, you can use the storage directly beneath the mattress. We’ve written a thorough post about Ottoman wooden bed frames, including what to look for and specifics about these bases.

Because they are usually platform-topped, they don’t have springs. Thus, you should take that into account. Ottomans, however, can aid in boosting storage and freeing up space in tiny spaces like apartments or rooms!

Once more, many inexpensive, low-quality ottomans are available, so you need to be cautious to make sure the ottoman will support your mattress and last.

  1. Electric Bed Bases

In the world of mattresses, electric bed bases are relatively new, with more and more variations currently available for purchase in stores. Right now, the world is quite foggy, and electric beds can cost between £1500 and £12,000.

With the help of electric bed bases, you can tilt the foundation to an inclined or sitting posture while in bed. Consider reading a newspaper in bed without the use of pillows to support your head. The head end of the king size bed frame can be raised by pressing a button. Astute!

However, depending on your intended use of the electric bed, you will need very different mattresses and motor specifications. Electric bed marketing often targets two different client bases.

Wrapping up

The first thing we would advise you to do when searching for a mattress base is to ensure it provides the feel you want when paired with any mattress. The divan base is the perfect match for every mattress in our collection, giving them their authentic feel.

The type of base you select may depend on your budget, but it’s crucial to remember that it needs to be consistent and that if it’s slatted, you might need to consider boarding over the slats. Ottomans offer huge quantities of storage, and divans with drawer choices allow you to store linens, towels, and other items. Depending on the amount of storage you require, there are various possibilities.

Finally, form does not always trump utility. In contemporary interior design, style is crucial, and the base’s appearance must be taken into account. Remember that sometimes it’s best to concentrate on how the bed frame Auckland will appear as a whole after it’s dressed.

Perhaps the headboard should have more design work done on it than, say, the mattress’s sides! We hope this article helped you understand the different and the best bed frame Christchurch.

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