Who Will Benefit The Most With The Uber Clone Script?


Uber Clone App is the golden egg laying hen for Entrepreneurs worldwide and hence it is widely appreciated. For every successfully completed Ride, it is the Site Owner who earns Commission. That is why Owners make a sincere effort to introduce new feature that increases volume of Rides booked.

Riders have the absolute freedom to rate the journey positive or otherwise on the basis of their experience. It is imperative to mention that Customers can share their LIVE location during the ongoing ride with family. This futuristic has been introduced keeping in mind the safety of the User.

There are other avenues too for the Entrepreneur to make money, one such example is tie up social media companies. And allow them to use your platform to post their Advertisements. This feature is popularly known as Facebook & Google Ad Integration.

On-Demand Taxi Ride Booking App has bestowed upon its Customers another blessing in the form of Intercity Ride. It is here Users have the liberty to first log into the App without the hassle of remembering the Password. Then, choosing the nearby City from the list available in the Ride Hailing App. Thereafter, shortlist the cab on the basis of one’s budget, date of travel and time. One interesting piece of information is that Users can choose online mode of payment to make the final booking.

Uber Clone Script has been coded with far-reaching and relevant features. That should explain this next feature which has been described as need of the hour, Corporate Bookings. Rider has to do is login using Fingerprints if an Android User or a Face ID if an iPhone User.

Once into the App, User has to choose ‘Corporate’ Profile, and not the ‘Personal’ one. Update the necessary information regarding the Name of the Organization that the Customer works for and wait for verification. For it is the App Owner’ duty to cross-check the data provided and approve the profile. Because once approved, it is the User’s Firm who will bear the cost of the Ride that is being made for official purposes.

App Like Uber Taxi has yet another coming-of-age feature that has been profoundly accepted by millions as a breakthrough! It is called Scheduling Ride for a Later Time and many has hailed it as a trailblazer. This empowers the customer to feel secure and book the ride in advance. And when the time actually comes, and it’s the rush hour with paucity of drivers, Rider already has a cab.

Another progressive feature in line with the vision of Entrepreneurs all around the world, is Taxi Rentals. This is an excellent tool is enable the Taxi Drivers to crack open another stream of earnings for them. It is here that Customers can hire cabs either on an hourly basis or based on the distance covered. In Expert’s opinion, this has been a strategic move to broaden the horizon of functioning and capture whole of market. Earlier, when these services were not provided on the App, Customers had to roam the streets at odd hours. And had to succumb to the high rates of the Driver who had no regards of cleanliness.

App Like Uber has changed the matrix of it all. Riders now have the right to bargain the rates of the Ride even before booking the cab. In turn, even the Cab Drivers have the liberty to counter the offer. This keeps on going until a mutually decided offer is out on table, and then the cab is booked. Now, remember, everything is happening through the App.

Cab Drivers cherish the App because they too feel heard, taken care of. It is for them that the Geo-Fencing feature was introduced wherein they are protected from picking or Dropping-off passengers. These marked off areas are muddled with crime and conflict.


Uber Clone App is a source of steady profit for Site Owner around the globe. It is the source of livelihood and pride for Taxi Drivers registered with it. And for the riders, they associate it with sheer joy, comfort and ultra-cool features. So, it is difficult to choose who cherishes it more but it can be said that everybody relies on it blindly.

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