The First Gigabit Cable For Your Networking NeedsCat5e Plenum Copper

The First Gigabit Cable For Your Networking Needs: Cat5e Plenum Copper

The topic is the comprehensive study of the primary gigabit cable for your networking needs. Need to play online games, browse the internet, or send files Cat5e Plenum Cable is right away to help you. Read this guide to understand your cabling needs.

How do you select an ethernet cable? Whether you go with the speed specs, outer jacket, or first you consult with your ISP about the subscribed speed. Well, this is the normal way to select the cable. But besides this, there is another perspective to look at in the cable.

If you buy cable first look at your need — how long will you be using this cable? Do you want expensive cable or cost-effective? What are your installation demands? Are you going to install cable indoors or outdoors? This is another perspective to buy Cat5e plenum 1000ft cable. In this blog, just focus on the guide to resolve your Cat5e Plenum Copper Cable question. 

What Is Cat5e Plenum Copper Cable?

Cat5e Plenum Copper, look at this cable that’s the killer of Cat5 cable. However, jokes apart, every upgraded version has bad news for the previous one. Similarly, Enhanced Category 5 is the advanced category to give out the Gigabit speed. This is the first cable that reached this gigabit speed spec milestone.

This enhanced version has an improved internal structure like tight twisted pairs, and copper conductor for superior conductivity, and the best reason to support gigabit transmission. When Cat5e ethernet cables were invented it was quite expensive but with the other advanced ethernet cables — the cat5e plenum cable is cost-efficient.

Why is cat5e plenum copper the best ethernet cable? Here is why, talking about the speed specs of the cat5e plenum 1000ft cable there are two-speed variants 164ft (Shorter) and 328ft (Longer). At 328ft cable length, the cat5e plenum copper cable supports 100 Mbps. Whereas, the shorter length supports 1 Gbps speed for which this cable is renowned. Just like cable length matters, similarly, the conductor size of the cable also matters a lot. The conductor diameter is measured in AWG (American Wire Gauge). The cat5e plenum 1000ft cable has a 24 AWG diameter size.

The diameter of the cable can be described by taking the example of a wide road that can cater to heavy traffic at a single time. If the road size is small the traffic might be affected. The same is the case with the cat5e plenum cable; the internal conductor size does matter for smooth transmission.

Moreover, the cable has a twisted pair design with a PVC insulation jacket over the conductors twisted together tightly to reduce the crosstalk — the phenomenon that involves the overlapping of the outside signal with the ethernet cable. This is the main issue that may hinder the outflow of the cable speed. But the twisted pair of Cat5e plenum cables help reduce the AXT and NEXT to deliver seamless signal transmission. 

When You Need Cat5e Plenum Cable?

Let me reveal all the important aspects of the ethernet cable jackets for your better understanding. There are two types of jackets — indoor and outdoor.

  • Indoor Jackets — Plenum and Riser
  • Outdoor Jacket — Direct Burial

The Cat5e Direct Burial Cable is designed for outdoor installation and can be buried underground. Whereas, Cat5e Plenum 1000ft cable is only for indoor installation. The main reason for both jackets is to maintain connections within and outside the building.

When you need plenum jackets, the CMP (Plenum) is the FEP-rated material that is directly related to the fire-safety needs of the buildings. The expensive nature of the Plenum is due to its chemical composition. It protects the jacket from catching fire and also halts toxic smoke emissions due to its LSZH properties.

Cat5e Plenum 1000ft cable can be used for vertical ducts, HVAC systems, raised floors, above drop ceilings, etc. The plenum does not burn but when exposed to fire, the jacket of the cable swells and restricts fire from traveling along the building.

Furthermore, the direct burial jacket is outdoor-rated means when extending your network connections you need outdoor-rated cable. The main difference between indoor and outdoor cables is the jacket.

The direct burial outdoor rated Cat5e cable can be used for buried directly under the ground approximately 24 cm to protect the cable from grinding with the lawn movers or tripping over. Moreover, the Direct burial is UV-resistant and it has properties for resisting water entering the cable to damage the conductors. 

Cat5e Plenum cable can also be used outdoors but with conduit. Indoor ethernet cables lack water-resistant properties and avoid catering to harsh climatic conditions like heavy rains, snow, etc. so to protect the cable you need an extra protective layer (Conduit) according to the mode of installation. 

Why does Cat5e Plenum Support 100 Mbps Speed?

This is the most common FAQ that consumers want to know about the Cat5e Plenum 1000ft cable. The technical reasoning for the speed of the Cat5e plenum cable, the cat65e does support 1000 Mbps speed but when you use this cable above 164ft, due to extending the cable length. The speed may limited to 100 Mbps due to

  • Cable length
  • Bandwidth of the cable
  • Shielding
  • ISP server speed
  • Network equipment issues
  • EMI or RFI influence 
  • Insertion loss

That is why at longer runs the cable speed is limited to 100 Mbps but you can get the gigabit speed over shorter distances. 

In a Nutshell

Cat5e plenum copper cable is the first-gigabit cable to support 1000 Mbps speed. It accommodates residential, office, and data centers. The copper conductor is exceptionally amazing which provides seamless data transmission.

The Cat5e plenum is used for horizontal and vertical installation needs to provide maximum fire safety. Cat5e Plenum with copper conductor is the best combination for your cabling needs.

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