The Evolution and Advantages of Engineered Flooring

Making a house is much more than an investment. It is more of a familial asset which holds sentimental value for the family today and also for the generations to come. There are various choices that you have to make while making a house. It includes the walls, flooring, colour, finishing, patterns, etc. Flooring here plays a very important part in deciding the overall look and the vibe of the house. It is therefore very important that you go through the various choices available and then make an informed decision about every bit and pieces which you are going to incorporate in your house.

Here in this article, we will be talking about the engineered flooring- an advanced form of the traditional wood flooring and discuss about its origin, and the ways in which it is superior than the traditional wood flooring. Also, we will be talking about the benefits of getting the engineered wood flooring installed in your house.

The History of Engineered Flooring

Early Beginnings

The engineered flooring first found its way in the 1960s when the wood flooring had already become people’s favourite. The wood industry in that decade allowed for various improvements in the wood flooring segment and then there came the engineered wood flooring. A flooring which was much anticipated, one which could withstand the temperature and the climate changes. The susceptibility to water, moisture and humidity was one of the major drawbacks of the wood flooring which got somewhat controlled with the coming up of the engineered flooring.

Evolution and Innovation

Over the past few years, the engineered flooring has gone through major changes and has evolved a lot. With the coming up of advanced technology, latest manufacturing techniques and best quality of materials, the performance and appearance of engineered floors has upgraded in a huge way. The present day engineered wood floorings such as engineered oak flooring has various layers. The top most layer is the real wood veneer which is used for giving the engineered flooring the real wooden appearance. The veneers below this are made up of various kinds of materials which are stick together to form the overall slab.

Why Engineered Flooring is Better Than Solid Wood Flooring

Dimensional Stability

There are various reasons why the engineered wood is preferred over the real wood but the primary reason is that there are huge changes in humidity and temperature in a certain place. These changes can lead to warping, cupping, and gaps which destroys the overall beauty and the strength of the flooring. The cross-layered design of the plywood or HDF core helps in making the core flooring more stable which in the long run reduces the risk of damage caused by environmental factors.

Versatility in Installation

Usually, the installation of the flooring becomes the issue due to various reasons such as the unavailability of the installation experts in the area, weak or improper installation by untrained people, etc. Therefore, the engineered floorings such as engineered herringbone flooring, parquet flooring, etc provides the customers with various options for installation such as installation with the help of nails, glue, cross fitting, etc.

Benefits of Installing Engineered Flooring

Durability and Longevity

The engineered floorings are made by keeping in mind that they are the counterparts of the wood flooring. Therefore, all kinds of weak points that the wood flooring had must be eliminated from the engineered wood floorings. These floorings therefore are made strong and durable so that they can withstand scratches and weight of the furniture, heavy foot traffic, etc.

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance usually becomes a concern when getting the wood floorings installed. But here in the case of engineered wood, the process of maintaining is quite easy and quick. All you need to do is sweep the floor regularly. Occasional damp mopping of the floor can be done with the help of a mild detergent to ensure that it stays clean and disinfected.

Moisture Resistance

The engineered flooring is quite resistant to the moisture and humidity and therefore can be installed in areas where there is little usage of water too. Since even this flooring is made of wood, it won’t be able to withstand heavy water usage but to some extent, the engineered flooring are able to tolerate water too.


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