Significance Of Black Diamond, Aquamarine And Emerald Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are also known as infinity rings. There are two types of eternity rings, a full eternity ring and a half eternity ring. In the full eternity ring, you will find gemstones and diamonds engraved on the full circle of the ring, whereas in the half eternity ring, the gemstones and the diamonds are engraved on the half of the circle. Eternity rings symbolise the infinite and eternal love and bond that two people share with each other. People wear an eternity ring to celebrate a milestone in their relationship which further symbolises that the love and the bond which they share have grown stronger over time and will grow stronger further. For instance if you complete five years of your relationship, or you are celebrating your twenty-fifth wedding anniversary or you just became parents, to celebrate these important milestones in life, people give their partners eternity rings as gifts. Eternity rings are available in a wide range of varieties from black diamond eternity rings to ruby eternity rings and so on.

In this article we shall be looking at the significance of the eternity rings in black diamond, aquamarine and emerald stones. You can get these eternity rings from your nearby stores or from different websites which sell different jewellery pieces in precious metals and stones. Only make sure that the jewellery that they are selling is authentic and original considering the metals and the stones used in it. For this, you can check the certificates and the documents that give proof of their authenticity and most importantly, if they are hallmarked, then be assured that they are completely original and authentic. Several jewellery shops like AG & Sons provide you with hallmarked jewellery pieces which include jewellery of all kinds, ranging from emerald eternity rings to ruby necklaces to aquamarine bracelets to diamond earrings and so on. Let us now have a look at some of the significance of eternity rings in black diamond, aquamarine and emerald stones.

Eternity rings in black diamond stones

eternity rings

Eternity rings in black diamond stone is a unique and unconventional choice which you can make, if you are planning to purchase an eternity ring for yourself or for your partner. It is because black diamonds are alluring and unconventional in their own ways. Unlike the white diamonds, black diamonds give you a bold, dramatic and mysterious vibe. It is the deep and opaque colour of the black diamond which symbolises resilience, power and strength. If you are looking for an extraordinary eternity ring which also gives the piece a vibe of statement jewellery, then you can definitely go for a black diamond eternity ring. The diamond in turn represents the enduring strength and unbreakable bond which you share with your partner. And the rarity and distinctive nature of the black diamond symbolises the extraordinary love and care which you share with your partner. It also reflects the passion and intensity which is there in the relationship with your partner.

Eternity rings in emerald stones

Emerald Ring

Emerald is rich green in colour and one of the treasured stones in the field of gemology. Known for its aesthetic appeal, the stone is known for symbolising the successful love between two persons. The stone is also associated with rejuvenation, renewal, rebirth and fertility because green is the colour of fertility and rebirth. Also it is the colour of nature and the stone symbolises the vitality of nature and also depicts the harmony, growth and flourishing relationship. In other words, an emerald stone represents the ever evolving love between two people. It represents the patience and balance they share in a relationship and also represents the mutual understanding and deep emotions they share with each other. It is the birthstone for people born in the month of May, therefore, if your partner is born in this month, then you can consider giving them an eternity ring having emerald stones.

Eternity rings in aquamarine stones

Aquamarine Eternity Rings

Aquamarine is a gemstone which is serene blue in colour. It symbolises the clarity, tranquillity and the essence which is found in an ocean. The term is derived from a Latin word in which “aqua” means “water” and “marina” means “sea”, thereby symbolising the colour of the sea. The gemstone also symbolises clear communication in a relationship, courage and clarity. It also symbolises the fidelity and the enduring love between two people in a relationship. It soothes the relationship with its calming energy and helps people to navigate through their relationships and cross every hurdle smoothly. The gemstone is the representation of trust and harmony and therefore, if you are planning to celebrate your relationship and the milestones you have achieved together in your relationship, then nothing can beat the aura of aquamarine eternity rings.

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