Protect Your Range, Property and Spectators with Golf Ball Netting

Protect Your Range, Property and Spectators with Golf Ball Netting

Protect your range, property and spectators from errant golf balls with high-quality protective netting. Typically found at golf academies and coaching centers, netting is essential for keeping people safe from potential injuries and damage.

Our netting is manufactured from rot and UV-resistant twine for long life and reliability. Enter your desired length value into the net calculator pricing box to receive customized netting.


Golf is a game that requires finesse and skill, but it also involves the risk of injury or property damage. Golf balls travel at high speeds and can have dangerous trajectories, so it’s important to safeguard the area surrounding your golf course. Golf netting helps prevent errant shots from leaving the course and damaging homes or businesses. This protects spectators and also saves golf courses from costly lawsuits.

Netting can also be used for golf academies and coaching centers, keeping players safe while they practice. Premium golf netting is designed with performance and durability in mind, providing a comfortable and safe training environment. It can be customized to fit the specific layout of your course and training needs.

Golf ball barrier netting is a crucial component of any driving range. It keeps stray golf balls contained within the designated playing area, protecting cars, windows, and buildings from damage. It can also enhance the appearance of your golf driving range and make it look more professional.


A golf ball barrier net prevents errant shots from leaving the range and landing on nearby properties, which is especially important in urban areas where houses and businesses are close by. This type of netting helps protect buildings from damage and keeps spectators safe.

Often, golf club owners use golf ball netting to prevent golf balls from flying out of the range, where they could hit cars or homes and cause significant damage. This netting is available in many different sizes and materials, making it easy to find the perfect option for your particular facility.

For example, one golf course in Oklahoma used our tarred twisted-knotted nylon netting to create a series of golf barrier nets for their driving range. The golf barriers were built to custom heights of 31’ and lengths of 79’, 83’, and 87’ to accommodate the unique dimensions needed for their golf driving range. Each netting panel was completed within 2 weeks of their order and shipped to the installation contractor for immediate construction.


Golf netting allows golfers to practice their swings without the risk of hitting someone or damaging property. It also helps improve their accuracy by providing a visual target. It is important to choose a net that is durable and made from a material that can withstand high-impact hits.

Another great feature of golf netting is that it provides the ability to practice at any time, regardless of weather conditions. This means that golfers can spend more time practicing at home and avoid having to travel to the course when it is not convenient.

In addition, a golfer can use their own backyard or a local backstop to set up a golf net that will provide an excellent environment for practicing. Additionally, a golf net can be used for a variety of purposes, including training new players and improving existing skills.


Protective netting can help prevent damage from errant golf balls, whether at a driving range or at an individual practice area. In fact, netting is an important component of any golf course that wants to keep spectators and other property safe from potential injuries caused by high-flying balls.

Golf ball netting can be made out of both nylon and polyester, depending on the type of environment and the amount of wear and tear the net will see. Both types of netting are designed to hold up well for years to come, even after heavy use.

For example, this premium golf impact netting is manufactured with rot-proof and UV treated twine to ensure it can hold up to both indoor and outdoor use. For added durability, this particular netting is also built with a lead core rope bottom and a central rope rib-line that can clip into the surrounding cables to hold the net in place.

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