Lower Back Pain: Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors and Ayurvedic Treatments.

In the present time, countless people have problems with their back that contribute to acute pain and high levels of stress. It is a common condition that happens due to various reasons, which include spinal cord injuries, body posture, and more.  Low back pain not only impacts health but also affects daily activities. If you are experiencing back pain and want a natural solution, then visit the Ayurvedic Clinic in Ludhiana, where you can get tailored treatment to address your back pain. 

Lower back pain occurs due to injuries, muscle problems, certain health conditions and treatments. Sometimes, pain is mild and sometimes severe, which affects the quality of life. This condition makes it difficult for people to sleep, sit, walk and do other activities.  If you suffer from lower back problems, it is essential to consult with the best ayurvedic doctor in Ludhiana. You can get relief from pain through some treatment, but severe problems like injuries need surgery. 


When you are struggling with back pain, you experience difficulty walking, sleeping, lifting and other activities. 


  • Poor Posture: Poor posture while sitting, standing and sleeping can contribute to lower back pain. 
  • Being Overweight: Being overweight can put pressure on the spinal cord, which leads to back pain. 
  • Certain Health Conditions: Some health conditions and treatments cause lower back pain as a side effect. 
  • Muscles strain: When you lift heavy items without help, that causes muscle strain or injuries, which leads to back pain. 
  • Disc Problem: If you have a problem with your disc, that can cause acute back pain. 
  • Fracture: When you have a fracture in the spine due to accidents that contribute to chronic back pain, at that time, it is paramount to consult with an expert. 

Risk Factors

  • Age: People of all ages, from children to older people, suffer from back pain. Often, back pain occurs at 40 to 50 years of age. 
  • Lack Of Exercise: Absence of exercise can weaken the muscles, which contributes to back pain. 
  • Disorder: Arthritis and cancer-like disorders contribute to back pain. 
  • Improper way lifting: When you lift the heavy weight without safety or with incorrect posture, it puts excessive pressure on the spine and contributes to back pain. 
  • Smoking: Excessive consumption of smoking affects the blood vessels, which lessens the blood flow in the spine. Lack of blood flow contributes to back pain.  

Ayurvedic Treatment Option

When you consider ayurvedic treatment, then you visit the ayurvedic hospital in Ludhiana, where ayurvedic practitioners provide natural remedies to reduce back pain, which includes herbs like guggul, ginger shallaki and more. Ayurvedic therapy will provide energy to the spine that helps decrease the back pain. They suggested to changing the lifestyle method that prevent back issues, such as: 

  • Regular Exercise: Regular stretching exercises will help to prevent muscle stiffness and increase the flexibility and mobility of the back. 
  • Massage Therapy: Massage therapy with ayurvedic oil will help you get relief from back pain in a short time. Massage therapy helps to improve the blood flow to the spine and reduce stress. 
  • Avoid Prolonged sitting and standing: You need to avoid prolonged sitting and standing that decrease back issues. 
  • Correct The Posture: Learn the right body posture during the sitting, standing and sleeping that help to lessen the back pain issues. If you are still suffering back issues, you must consult with the best ayurvedic doctor in Punjab for a reliable solution. 

Back pain is a common issue that  can happen to anyone. It is paramount to follow healthy habits, which includes healthy dietary choice, stretchable exercise, good posture, consulting  with a professional, etc. These habits  will help to restore your back flexibility without side effects. If you get injuries in the spinal cord due to an accident, visit the best hospital. 

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