Effortless Ways: Import/Switch & Open PST Contacts in VCF

To summarise, we often get queries like “How do I convert Outlook contacts to vCard?” To convert PST contacts to vCard, this blog article will explain how to utilize the manual and expert PST to VCF Converter Tool tools.

VCF files include standardized contact information in the form of phone numbers, emails, and addresses. Numerous media formats are further supported by it. This file type is used by contact management devices. PST files, on the other hand, include every bit of Outlook information, such as emails, contacts, and calendars. Take a look at all of the reasons for PST contact exports to VCF.

Why vCard PST Contacts Are Important?

Converting PST contacts to the vCard (VCF) format might be useful for a number of reasons.

  • vCard (VCF) files are suitable with a wide variety of hardware and operating systems.
  • VCF files are simple to transfer over email or other file-sharing applications because of their consistent size.
  • Users can convert PST contacts to vCard files to create a second, portable backup of their contacts.
  • Your address book will always be up to date on all of your devices when you just convert PST contacts to vCard and transfer your contacts to your mobile devices.
  • Additionally, it facilitates the updating of contacts across local and online services, guaranteeing that you may access your connections wherever.
  • Because of these benefits, users often want to convert contacts from PST files to VCF formats. Let’s discuss the many methods utilized in the conversion process right now.

How Can Contacts From a PST file be Manually Converted to a VCF Format?

Here are two quick and easy manual techniques to convert PST contacts into vCards. Keep a close eye on the following actions:

Method 1: Convert PST-Contacts into a Single VCF File

  • Launch the Outlook software on your PC.
  • Open > Export can be clicked after selecting the File tab.
  • From the list, select the Comma-Separated Values (CSV) format.
  • Open Gmail now and pick Contacts from the Google Apps menu.
  • Next, select Import from the menu, and a window will open.
  • Click Import after selecting the CSV file you exported from Outlook.
  • After importing, go to the More menu in Gmail Contacts.
  • Choose the contacts you wish to export by clicking Export.
  • Select the vCard (VCF) format, and a single VCF file will be saved for every contact.

Method 2: PST Contacts Export to Various VCF File Formats

  • Navigate to the People tab in Outlook.
  • Make sure to choose every contact you wish to convert.
  • Click “Forward Contact,” then choose “Business Card.”
  • The chosen contacts will open a new email with business cards attached.
  • You are able to examine the connected contacts and the email.
  • Click on the desktop or file explorer to save these contacts as VCF files.
  • To move the connected contacts into the folder of your choice, just drag and drop them from the email window.

These instructions make it simple to convert Outlook PST contacts into numerous VCF files or a single VCF file. However, there might be a number of difficulties for consumers throughout this conversion process. There’s a chance of losing valuable relationships, and the procedure takes time.

Consequently, we’ll talk about a different approach that makes it simple to convert many PST contacts to vCard files without losing any data.

Expert Method for Converting PST Contacts to vCard Without Outlook

The best way to import/Switch & Open PST Contacts in VCF Layout at once is to use a professional WholeClear PST to VCF Converter. Throughout the conversion process, it guarantees data integrity and the original hierarchy. In addition, users can extract contacts from PST files and store them in VCF file format by using this program. Without modifying the data, it offers a rapid and safe conversion of PST contacts.

Procedure for Exporting PST Contacts to VCF

  • On your PC, download and launch the PST to VCF Conversion Tool.
select pst file
  • Once the necessary PST files have been added, click the Select Files option.
  • From the Save AS/Backup option, choose the output file format of VCF.
  • You have the option to set filters, such as a date filter, if necessary.
browse location
  • Now select a desired place on your computer by clicking the Browse option.
  • Click Convert to begin the conversion process after choosing the output location.
  • Thus, by employing the PST to VCF Converter Tool program, users can effortlessly convert PST contacts to vCard format.
convert pst to vcf

In Verdict

We have covered several methods in this blog for effectively converting PST contacts to vCard. The manual process is easy to follow. That isn’t the best way to carry out the conversion, though. To simply and safely transfer your PST contacts into vCard format, computer experts advise utilizing a professional service. Throughout the process, it also maintains the data’s uniqueness.

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