How Will the Skilled Migration Visa System Be Changed To Support Australia’s Skills Needs?

The Australian government has constantly been modifying the migration strategy to meet the requirements of skills. The changes are meant to help the government have genuine immigrants in the country and to streamline the immigration process by shaping the migration strategies into a clearer and concise system of visa approval. 


The Australian government has finally released its migration strategy, which explains how the skilled migration visa system will be re-modified to meet the need for skills in Australia. Individuals seeking a visa to migrate to Australia can contact migration lawyers in Brisbane to gain a comprehensive understanding of the recent changes.


The Roadmap To Migration Strategy Policy 

The Australian government is going to release the migration strategy in 3 stages of reform, as mentioned in the policy roadmap. Some commitments made by the government regarding the immigration system have already been implemented, while some will be implemented by the end of 2024.


The migration strategy is aiming to return to the migration intake, taking the levels of immigration near to the pre-pandemic stage by the next financial year. 


The Government Will Implement The Policy Roadmap In 8 Key Actions: 

  • Targeting Temporary Skilled Migration To Focus On Needs Of Skills And To Promote Worker Mobility
  • A new skill in demand visa that includes three targeted pathways and visa settings, encouraging migrant worker mobility.

  •  Re-Modifying Permanent Skilled Migration To Achieve Long-Term Prosperity
  • Exploration of reformed points tests associated with permanent skilled migration.
  • In sectors of national importance, new talent and innovation are needed for the migrants.

  •  Enhancing the Integrity And Quality Of International Education
  • Measures to strengthen the integrity of international students and standards of education providers while ensuring that graduates help to meet the needs of skill shortages.

  • Dealing With Worker Exploitation And The Misuse Of The Visa System
  • Incorporation of a suite of legislation, penalties, power and policies to tackle worker exploitation and restore the integrity of the migration system. 

  • Planning Migration To Let The Right Skills Reach The Right Places
  • An approach based on longer-term evidence to plan migration by collaborating with states and territories, population data and forecasts. 

  • To Support Regional Australia And Its Workers, Tailoring Regional Visas And The Worker Holiday Program
  • Priority to the regional visa applications is applied with the help of the best migration agent Gold Coast.
  • Exploration of the settings associated with the regional migration and the working Holiday Maker Program.


  • Deeping The People-To-People Ties In The Indo-Pacific
  • A direct path for New Zealanders to earn citizenship and increased mobility with South-East Asian countries and the Pacific Islands.

  • Simplifying The System Of Migration To Enhance The Experience For Migrants As Well As Employers
  • Streamlined visa settings with reduced subclasses of visa and a more simplified system of migration.


While considering applying for an immigration visa, make sure to consult migration lawyers in Brisbane to know the workings of the visa system in detail.

The Department of Home Affairs is putting in extra effort to deliver a more efficient migration system to gain reliable outcomes, aiming to solve the problem of Australia’s skills needs in the future. If you are considering applying for a migration visa through the skills migration system, then it is essential for you to have a thorough insight into all the expected modifications in the system by the Australian government to take the right step and streamline the process of immigration. Consult migration lawyers in Gold Coast to gain regular insights on these modifications and take the appropriate approach for your immigration journey.

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