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Offer these 5 features of cross-border remittance to your customers

The globalized world is resulting in an increased demand for efficient, secure, and flexible cross-border payment solution, which are growing at a high rate.

Fulfilling these demands by your banks not only guarantees your customer satisfaction but also your dominance in the competitive financial industry.

If you want to improve your cross-border remittance services and ensure good service delivery to your customers, then you should offer these five features of international remittance to your customers.

Secured Remittance Payment

Security is crucial, especially in international money transfers. Recently ED has attached assets worth ₹55 crore in money-laundering, as alleged fraudulent remittance. To avoid such malpractices, you need to take appropriate measurements. So that your customers entrust you with their hard-earned cash, expecting it to get safely and securely to its destination.

To ensure the safety of every transaction, you can incorporate such advanced security measures as end-to-end encryption, fraud detection systems, and secure communication protocols.

Advanced encryption standards like AES-256, E2EE and secure socket layer (SSL) protocols ensure that all data transmitted during remittance processes is safe from unauthorized access. Additionally, implementing real-time fraud detection systems using machine learning algorithms will aid in early identification and mitigation before they inflict any damage.

eKYC process for customer onboarding

In this virtual era, Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures must be highly streamlined and efficient. Electronic KYC (eKYC) has revolutionized this process, enabling faster and more accurate verification of customers’ identities. This accelerates customer onboarding while minimizing fraud risks such as identity theft.

For example, eKYC utilizes electronic means like biometrics authentication, document verification, and facial recognition. The introduction of eKYC enables simplification of the customer onboarding process, enhances compliance with regulatory requirements, and elevates the overall customer experience, among other advantages within its scope.

This technological development ensures precise validation of customer information without requiring physical documents, which is a critical attribute for modern cross-border remittances.

Multi-factor Authentication

Unauthorized access to customer accounts needs to be prevented at all costs. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) requires your users to provide two or more authentication factors in order to access their accounts, therefore providing an extra level of security.

These factors could be something they know (password), something they have (smartphone), or something they are (fingerprint or facial recognition). Implementing MFA protects against phishing attacks, password breaches, and unauthorized access.

When one authentication factor is compromised, it will not allow any unauthorized user to access sensitive information or perform financial transactions. For businesses, this means more security and customer loyalty.

API integration

Efficient operations and better customer experiences require seamless integration with existing banking software. Application programming interfaces (APIs) facilitate intercommunication among different software systems, making data sharing easy. 

By availing API integration, you enable smooth interoperability between your remittance services and other banking systems, guaranteeing real-time data exchange as well as operational efficiency.

APIs simplify workflows by automating them, thus reducing manual intervention and minimizing errors in the processes they govern. They also present a means through which a bank can tailor their products to suit specific customers’ needs, thereby enhancing service delivery and satisfaction.

In addition, APIs enable businesses to adapt quickly to market changes and incorporate new features without interfering with existing systems. Thus, they become invaluable assets in today’s fiercely competitive financial landscape.

Mobile Money

Mobile money has become a revolution in areas that lack traditional banking infrastructure. Users can transfer money, pay bills, and make other financial transactions by simply using their mobile phones. Integrating mobile money into your current cross-border remittance services can make them more accessible and convenient for your consumers.

By leveraging mobile networks for transaction facilitation, mobile money platforms are made accessible even in remote locations where there are limited banking facilities. This means that if your customers want to send or receive funds, they do not have to use traditional bank accounts, which often take time and may need to be safer.

Thus, providing mobile money services enables you to take care of the underserved markets and enhance financial inclusion.

Seamless User Experience

User experience is a vital determinant of customer satisfaction and loyalty. The general remittance experience can be significantly improved by having an interface flow smoothly without interruptions, hence enhancing user-friendliness. By focusing on user experience, you can reduce friction points, simplify transaction processes, and ensure that customers can easily navigate and use your services.

A seamless user experience consists of key constituents such as a responsive design tailored for multiple devices, clear brief instructions, and effective customer service support, among others. Offering multi-language support alongside localized interfaces will enable addressing variably diverse customer bases, leading to better user satisfaction across these markets.

Investing in initiatives aimed at improving customer experience builds loyalty while positioning your bank as a customer-focused player in the market.

Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

The provision of several payment gateways allows your customers to choose what works best for them. Integrating various payment gateways, such as credit cards/debit cards, transfers from banks, or digital wallets, also helps accommodate different consumer preferences.

If their preferred method fails, customers can turn to alternatives, raising the chances for successful transactions and enhancing their experiences. This will ultimately attract higher remittance volumes and revenues from your bank.

Payment by Cryptocurrency

The emergence of cryptocurrencies has revolutionized financial transactions. By incorporating cryptocurrency payment options into its cross-border remittance services, your bank can achieve faster transaction times, reduced charges, and improved security. 

Using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, individuals can now enjoy borderless transfers that do not follow the traditional banking system, thus speeding up the whole process.

Additionally, cryptocurrency transactions are decentralized, thus providing an extra layer of security against fraud. Moreover, being based on blockchain technology ensures transparency and traceability, which in turn enhances trust during the remittance process.

You will be able to attract tech-savvy customers and remain ahead of other businesses in terms of technological advancements within the financial industry.


These features can significantly improve your cross-border remittance service offerings and ensure that they meet changing customer needs while remaining competitive in the market. Each feature plays a crucial role in delivering top-notch remittance services, ranging from secure transactions to advanced authentication measures. All aim to provide seamless user experiences and embrace new payment technologies.

Focusing on these key areas helps improve operational efficiency or increase customer satisfaction and positions your bank as a leader in the financial services sector. Therefore, embrace these new innovations, and let’s see how your cross-border remittance services thrive in an increasingly connected world. Transform your financial services and elevate customer experience with DigipayGuru. Contact us today to revolutionize your digital offerings.

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