Beyond Likes: How Experiential Photo Marketing Creates Lasting Impressions

In the digital day and age, not to mention in the era of social media, likes and shares are entertained as the be-all and end-all of standardized metrics of success. However, worthy marketing will create lasting impressions far beyond the ‘like.’ Experiential photo marketing is a very strong approach in this sense—it does a lot more than get attention; it connects at a deeper level. Creating the opportunity for a memorable and successful photo experience, brands can create lasting impressions that resonate long after the event is over with consumers.

The Power of Experiential Photo Marketing

What is Experiential Photo Marketing?

Experiential photo marketing is the development of an interactive and engaging photo opportunity that involves a consumer in the experience and the moment. The experience is design to turn around and be shared on social media, which further increases reach for the brand. But the real return by doing these touchpoints is the emotional connection and the long-lasting memories from them.

Why It Works

Emotional Engagement: Because experiential photo marketing links to emotions, the experience becomes more memorable and impactful.
Social Sharing: The more sharing that happens with respect to photos clicked at an event, the more a brand is out there in the public domain.
Brand Loyalty: It is due to such positive and unforgettable experiences that the relationship with the brand becomes more personal and hence loyal.

Creating Memorable Photo Experiences

1. Photo Booths with a Twist

The old-school photo booth has evolved into fully-fledged high-tech, interactive experiences. Today, photo booths can offer:

Themed Backgrounds: Personalize backgrounds to reflect the theme of the event or brand.
AR (Augmented Reality): Add AR elements that allow participants to interact with virtual objects or characters.
Creability of GIF and Boomerang: Provide for the creation of funny, lively GIFs or Boomerangs to be shared on social media.

2. Immersive Set Designs

An immersive environment for photo opportunities might transport one to another world. Consider the following:

Themed Sets: Intricate sets which mirror the brand or the event’s theme create a unique backdrop for photos.
Interactive Props: Provide guests with props that they can utilize to create their take-home photos more exciting and interactive in nature.
Lighting and Effects: Add great drama to the photo experience; include lighting and special effects that are added to the shoot.

3. Glambot Experiences

Earlier, as explained, the glambot video experience is all about creating gorgeous, high-quality slow-motion videos. This same experience can also be translated into photos:

High-Speed Photography: Capturing dramatic moments in high-speed photography creates striking images that stand out.
Celebrity-Style Treatment: Red carpet and glamorous setup, giving participants the celebrity feel.

4. Mobile Photo Stations

Bring the photo experience to the participants with mobile photo stations. These can be placed at various instances of an event to capture candid movements of participants. They can consist of the following:

Roaming Photographers: Employ photographers to roam the event and click candid moments to create a more organic experience of photos.
Instant Prints: Allow attendees to instantly print out photos to take home in hard copy format.
Digital Sharing: Digitally share photos easily on social media.

5. Custom Branded Filters

Similarly, leverage social media filters by creating custom branded filters across platforms like Instagram and Snapchat:

Brand Integration: Specifically, design filters that integrate with brand elements, logos, or taglines.
Interactive Elements: Add interactive elements which inspire users to interact with the filter in creative ways.

Maximizing Photo Experience Impact

Encourage Social Sharing

Getting participants to share photos of the experience on social media is critical to maximize the reach of experiential photo marketing. Consider these strategies:

Unique Hashtags: Designate a unique hashtag for the event and encourage participants to leverage it when sharing their photos.
Contests and Giveaways: Organize contests or giveaways that would require participants to share their photos online.
Social Media Walls: Have a live feed at the event of photos shared from participants, which posts and makes them feel connected.

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Collect and Analyze Data

Collecting and analyzing data within photo experiences can turn up a goldmine of information with regards to behaviour and preference from the participants. These include:

Engagement Metrics: No. of photos taken, shared, liked are the metrics for engagement.
Participant Feedback: Get feedback from participants to understand what they liked and what can be improved on.
Demographic Data: Collect demographic data to make better sense for who your audience is and to create future experiences.

Engage with Participants

Additional ways to help keep the connection with people after the event, so that the long-lasting effect can be enhanced with their photo experience, may include:

Email Campaigns: Trigger post-event email campaigns with event highlights and a bit more of the branded content.
Social Media Engagement: Engage with the participants’ posts on social media with likes, comments, and shares.
Exclusive Offers: Share some exclusive offers or discount coupons as a gesture of appreciation with the participants.


Experiential photo marketing goes beyond superficial likes and shares to create lasting impressions that really engage consumers. With experiential photo marketing, brands are able to drive meaningful emotional connections, build loyalty, and increase reach through social sharing. Immersive sets, interactive photo booths, glambot experiences, and mobile photo stations are some of the ways you can bring experiential photo marketing to your events. The key, of course, is just that: emotional, memorable interactions that leave an impression on your audience.




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