Packaging Materials

A Joyful Journey Through the History of The Packaging Materials

Those brown wardrobe storage boxes have been one of the most important inventions that mankind has made, not because it has brought any addition to the existing assets and technology but because it has the ability to protect all your assets and things. But the trend of getting things packed in these packaging materials is not a recent development. People since time immemorial used to get things packed before shipping or getting it delivered from one place to another. In this article we will be talking about from where did this trend of packing things started, what were the initial ways of packing items before the modern-day packaging materials were invented and how these packaging materials serve the entire humankind by benefitting them in numerous ways.

Ancient Origins

The tale of getting things packed and shipped to different places is not a new or a modern-day trend. The ancient civilisations of Greeks, Egyptians, and the Romans have been doing this since time immemorial. Although they used various other methods to pack their products but let’s accept that the modern-day packaging has evolved from these civilisations itself. In these ancient civilisations people used leaves, animal skin, clay pots, etc to safely place their items and then sent them to different places. Although the complete safety was not ensured but it provided a protection to the items to some extent which made sure that if the items are carefully transported, they will reach the destination easily and in the best condition.

Renaissance and Revolution

As the centuries changed, the art of packaging also changed. Better and innovative packaging ideas started coming into force. People started making the packaging materials with different designs and embellishments so that they looked beautiful and not only served the purpose of packing the items but also wrapping the items as gifts. It was only in the 18th and the 19th century when the printing press came up and the industrial revolution was in full swing. Various kinds of packaging materials such as boxes for moving house, wardrobe boxes made or cardboard etc were being manufactured. This led to the coming up of various kinds of packaging materials and items which were beautiful, strong and also easily manufactured on a mass scale.

The 20th Century Boom

The 20th century saw the boom of the packaging industry. Also, it was a significant period which saw the coming up of the modern day’s most efficient and useful packaging material which were the plastic carrier bags. These bags were the most durable of all kinds of packaging materials and therefore were excessively used for storing all kinds of items. Also, this was an age which saw the coming up of various shopping complexes and malls, which led to a steady rise in the selling of these plastic bags. Although today, these bags are a matter of grave concern as they stay in the environment for years but let’s all agree, this was the strongest and most durable packaging material in history.

Packaging Materials

Benefits of Packaging Materials

Packaging materials help in solving a number of problems in today’ s world. Let’s have a look at few of those issues.

  • Packaging– The packaging of materials helps in increasing the shelf life of any product as they are kept in a safe and protected environment away from all kinds of dust and pollution.
  • Convenience– The packaging materials serve in helping the manufacturers as well as the buyers in easy transportation of all kinds of products. This helps in easily transporting all kinds of items and also this leads to the formation of the resalable containers which will help in storing things for further usage as well.
  • Branding– Branding of items play a very important role in making an impression about any company. Therefore, with the usage of these kinds of packaging materials, the brands stay in the minds of the customers and the brands which are performing well will definitely scale the competition.
  • Sustainability– In the world of growing environmental concerns, use of sustainable packaging materials is helping the world lead an easy and happy life. With the help of eco- friendly packaging materials, we can make the world a better place to live in and our houses organised too.

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