5 Factors Influencing Loan Interest Rate

Interest rates are an important aspect when considering a home loan. People are opting for home loans more and more because property prices are constantly increasing every passing day. Not only are domestic property prices increasing, but also commercial property, rent, and other expenses are increasing due to inflation. Thus, you must look for a better mortgage option that can help you get affordable home loans in Sydney. Inflation not only increases the prices but also increases the loan interest rates, along with other factors. This article entails the factors that influence interest rates. 

5 Factors Influencing Loan Interest Rate 

The following are the factors that affect loan interest rates:

Reserve Bank Of Australia (RBA)

RBA is the main bank in Australia that helps regulate the country’s finance system. The RBA is responsible for setting the official cash rate. This rate acts as a benchmark for financial institutions, banks, and other bodies in the financial system, which set their rates accordingly. You can hire a finance broker in Sydney who can help you understand and negotiate interest rates according to your particular case. 


The RBA can either cut rates or hike the rates, which has a ripple effect on the interest rate. If the RBA cuts the rates, it increases the bank’s capacity to borrow money. As a result, they reduce interest rates, whereas if the RBA hikes the rate, the banks also increase interest rates. They do this to ensure their profit margins, and as a result, the interest rate increases. 

Economic Conditions

Another factor that influences interest is the economic condition of the country. If there is inflation in the country, the purchasing power decreases. To cope with this effect, the mortgage lenders may increase the interest rate, and similarly, when inflation is low, they may lower the interest rate to attract more borrowers. Besides this, unemployment and GDP growth also influence the purchasing power and demand for assets, which causes the interest rate to fluctuate. Thus, consider the economic condition when applying for home loans in Sydney.

Loan to Value Ratio (LVR)

LVR represents the amount of property you are borrowing; if you are buying a $5,00,000 property and borrowing $4,20,000 for this, your LVR is 80%. Low LVR means the borrower has more deposits, and such borrowers are considered less risky, which is why lenders may give them loans at lower interest rates. On the contrary, a high LVR means the borrower can be risky, and hence, the lender may approve their loan by charging them a high interest rate. 

Competition among Lenders

In Australia, banks or lenders are not the only parties people can choose when applying for a loan. There are different banks, credit unions, private mortgage lenders and more. All of these want to get customers and attract customers; they may provide competitive or low rates of interest. However, it depends and varies from one lender to another, especially in your particular case. Thus, you must hire the best finance broker in Sydney to secure a favourable deal. If you have a good credit score, strong financial proof and the ability to repay, your loan can be approved with a favourable interest rate. However, if your credit score is poor or the lender has doubts about your repayment ability, you can be charged with a higher interest rate. 

Borrower’s Creditworthiness

Lastly, the borrower’s creditworthiness is also an important factor in determining the interest rates. As mentioned above, if the lenders feel that the borrower is trustworthy and has a good history of repayment, credit score, low LVR and more, then the lender is likely to provide a loan at a lower interest rate. Similarly, if these factors are opposite and the lender is unsure about the borrower’s ability to repay, they may charge a high rate of interest to avoid risk or to compensate for their risk if it arises in the future. 


Interest rates are generally subject to fluctuation. Different factors can influence the interest rates to fluctuate; these factors include the RBA cash rate, economic conditions of the country, the borrower’s creditworthiness, competition among lenders, and the loan-to-value ratio. It is better to hire the best finance broker in Sydney, as they can help you get the best loan deal that provides a favourable interest rate and loan terms.

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